Instagram on the rise: see the news that will change your experience on the platform!

In the contemporary universe of social networks, the Instagram has risen as one of the most dominant and influential platforms. Since its launch in 2010, the app has quickly changed from a mere photo-sharing space to a multifaceted content ecosystem.

Nowadays, it is undeniable that Instagram has shaped and reflected the cultural, social and emotional transformations of society, becoming almost inseparable from the lives of many.

Through photos, videos and stories, people experienced moments, journeys and emotions. However, this has evolved beyond the individual. Celebrities, brands, influencers and activists have also found the platform to be a powerful way to reach and engage their audiences.

Photo: Freepik/Vectonauta

Instagram has changed: application announces new features

Given this, we can say that Instagram is, today, one of the most used social networks in the world. Therefore, there are many people using and asking for news.

In order not to leave anyone unsatisfied, the application is always changing and bringing updates. These changes are made with a view to improving the user experience and bringing innovations.

Thus, Instagram seeks to understand what its users want and offers new tools and functions so that everyone continues to use and enjoy the app more and more.

Recently, the social media favorite brought more news to live up to its title. For example, now when you post a set of photos, known as a carousel, you can add music. Previously, this option was only available for posts with a single photo.

And there’s more: Instagram allows three people to publish a post at the same time. Furthermore, the function called “Your Turn”, which already existed in stories, now reaches Reels. With this, users will be able to see previous actions sequentially.

Given this, we can see how the platform is always innovating to improve our experience!

It is worth remembering that Instagram is available for both Android smartphones and iOS devices.

Instagram is in constant dispute with other networks

The social media landscape is dynamic and competitive — but everyone already knows that. Currently, one of the biggest disputes is between Instagram and TikTok.

While the already established Instagram seeks to renew itself and maintain its dominant position, TikTok has emerged as a viral sensation, quickly conquering millions with its short and creative videos.

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In response to this, Instagram took its focus to videos, creating the Reels function, seeking to capture part of the public fascinated by the TikTok format.

This ongoing battle reflects the urgency of platforms to innovate and adapt to Tendenciesso as not to lose their sanctuary in such a volatile and influential market.