Insect similar to the dengue mosquito worries health experts; understand risks

The arrival of a cousin species of the dengue mosquito, the Aedes albopictuscities are a source of growing concern for health public in different regions of the world.

This global expansion of the Asian tiger mosquito, as it is popularly known, has raised alarms among experts and health authorities due to its potential to transmit not only the dengue virus, but also other serious viral diseases.

Species of mosquito worries Brazilian authorities

Image: AFPMB/Public Domain

O Aedes albopictuspopularly known as the Asian tiger mosquito, is an insect belonging to the family Culicidae. It is native to Southeast Asia, but over the last few decades it has expanded its distribution to different parts of the world, including South America.

This expansion occurred due to factors such as international trade and increased global travel, allowing mosquito eggs and larvae to be transported to new areas.

This species is of great concern to public health due to its role in the transmission of several diseases, especially the Zika virus, the dengue virus and the chikungunya.

The female of Aedes albopictus is responsible for the transmission of these viruses, as it feeds on human blood to develop its eggs and, in this process, can transmit the virus acquired from one infected person to another.

During the 23rd Brazilian Congress of Infectious Diseases, the coordinator of the Arbovirus Committee of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, Kleber Luz, discussed the concern about the proliferation of the Aedes albopictus and its relationship with the increase in arboviruses in Brazil.

In turn, heat promotes the reproduction and spread of these mosquitoes, contributing to the emergence of diseases such as dengue.

O global warming has taken these species to regions where they were not common and intensified their presence in areas where they already existed. There is growing concern about dengue fever, including estimates of a serotype 3 epidemic in 2024 due to the presence of two transmitting mosquitoes.

Kleber Luz emphasized the importance of preventing dengue fever, highlighting the need to eliminate mosquito breeding sites at home, educate children about preventive measures and follow medical recommendations in case of infection.

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