Important WhatsApp feature will be charged soon. Will you be affected?

O Whatsappa global leader in messaging platforms, is about to introduce a change that will certainly generate discussions among its users.

This change, initially intended for WhatsApp Beta users, will be gradually rolled out to all users of a specific operating system soon.

Amid a series of updates that have brought numerous functions and features to the application in 2023, a notable change is on the way.

The application is moving away from the practice of offering unlimited backups, significantly transforming the way Android users preserve your conversations and media.

From December 2023, this change will have a direct impact on the user experience, raising questions about the costs associated with preserving their digital memories.

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End of unlimited backups

The decision to abandon unlimited backups is undoubtedly a surprising move. The policy change will affect how Android users manage their conversations and multimedia files on WhatsApp.

The new scenario raises questions about the costs involved in preserving digital information most valuable to users.

Impact on Google Policy and the Previous Agreement

Until now, WhatsApp backups did not impact the free 15 GB offered by Google accounts. However, from December onwards, this dynamic will change.

The service will initially affect users of the WhatsApp Beta and, in the following months, they will gradually extend to all Android users.

This adjustment represents the termination of an agreement established in 2018 between the Google and WhatsApp.

Until then, the backups They are free, with exemptions for taking up space in Google accounts. With the new policy, this exemption will be revoked.

Therefore, the measure highlights the importance of efficient management of storage space from now on.

Proactive storage space management

Faced with this new reality, users will need to actively manage available space.

Google’s management tool will be essential, making it possible to delete unnecessary items in backups or consider purchasing additional space through a Google subscription. Google Onewith prices ranging from 50 to more than 400 reais per month.

When free space runs out, purchasing additional space through Google One becomes inevitable.

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WhatsApp will provide notifications in the backupoffering 30 days notice before the new policy applies.

This update highlights the importance of WhatsApp users being aware of the impending changes and preparing accordingly.

The transition to limited backups will require a proactive stance from users in managing their data, ensuring the continuity of a fluid experience on the most used messaging application in the world.