If disabled, THESE functions increase cell phone battery life

In a world where dependence on mobile devices is increasing, cell phone battery longevity has become a fundamental aspect in our daily lives. Whether for work, leisure or communication, having a working smartphone is essential.

We present simple yet effective ways to extend battery life by focusing on disabling everyday functions that are often underutilized and lead to excessive power consumption.

Increase cell phone battery life – Image: Mestre Expert/Reproduction

Conscientious use of Bluetooth

Bluetooth, often forgotten to be turned on, is another villain in battery consumption. Many of us turn it on for a specific task, like listening to music or connecting to a smart device, and forget to turn it off later.

If not in use, such as for connections to audio devices or transferring files, turning it off can significantly extend battery life, this ensures your device stays charged for longer.

Application update management

Another aspect that deserves your attention is the management of automatic application updates.

While automatic updates ensure you have the latest version of an app, they can also drain your battery quickly, especially when running in the background.

To deactivate this function, do the following:

  • On Android devices, go to Settings, then Application Management, and disable automatic updates for each application;

  • On iOS, the path is Settings, followed by iTunes & App Store, then you can turn off background updates.

Disable GPS when not in use

Location functionality, commonly known as GPS, is one of the most power-hungry features on a smartphone. Its usefulness is indisputable, but keeping it active continuously may be unnecessary.

Turning off this feature when it is not necessary can be an asset for saving battery. Disabling GPS when not in use not only saves battery but also improves privacyby limiting tracking of your location.

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