How to increase the visibility and traffic of your website

Before you start working on increasing traffic, you need to prepare a resource. To increase resource traffic, you need to start with the technical component: eliminate all errors, improve the site, choose best hosting.

Make sure the site is easy to use, has a clear interface and easy navigation. Pages should load quickly and not give errors. Disable ads and pop-ups – they distract and annoy visitors.

The site and all content must be displayed correctly on different devices and in different browsers. Don’t skimp on design. Even a site created from a template can be modified and made unique. The main thing to remember is that any resource requires constant work: adding new sections, filling it with unique content. By analyzing the behavior of visitors on the site, you can understand what structural changes are needed to improve usability.

How to increase website traffic:

  • page and image optimization
  • enticing contests and discounts
  • traffic from blogs and forums
  • paid advertising
  • content marketing

Read about these and other methods in our article. To increase website traffic, it is not necessary to contact specialists and use secret tricks. Many ways to attract traffic are available to everyone and do not require significant material investments.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first and most obvious way to increase resource traffic. You need to start with the competent compilation of the semantic core of the site. The information on the resource should cover the maximum number of queries on the subject of the site and keywords for business.

The use of long keywords allows a young site to compete for popular queries. Unique content with low-frequency queries and regular updates of materials on the topic have a positive effect on the ranking of the resource in search engines.

Google groups individual keywords by topic and understands synonyms, so the same article can appear in searches when entering several similar low-frequency queries. Most importantly, the text should be interesting and useful, easy to read. When filling in the subheadings h2, h3, you should use the main keywords or their variants.

Pictures added to the site can bring additional traffic if they are given due attention. To do this, you need to add a suitable keyword to the description, fill in the title and alt attributes, upload different image sizes. When a user searches for an image on Google Images, they will see images from your site.

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Holding contests, promotions, discounts

By providing special offers, great prices or discounts on products, you will be able to attract more new visitors to the site and collect email for the customer base. If you offer potential buyers interesting, useful and profitable conditions, you can form a loyal audience.

Traffic from blogs and forums

To attract visitors from forums and blogs, you need to register on thematic resources, follow publications and discussions and take an active part in them. The main thing is that the comments are meaningful and relevant. Due to spam, the popularity of this method has decreased and users are afraid to follow links.

Email from the site

One of the ways to form a loyal audience and interact with it. By making a newsletter with interesting materials on the subject of the site, you increase the traffic of the resource and retain the attention of its regular visitors.

The main rule – do not overload the mailboxes of potential customers, respect their time. No need to impose your goods or services in every letter. If you overdo it, the letters will be deleted without even looking. Try to think through useful and interesting content, regularly share information about discounts and promotions.

Promotion in social networks

The audience of social networks exceeds television, which is why social media marketing is now receiving so much attention. If your company is not on social networks, you can say that you are not in the market, even if you have your own website. To integrate the main resource with groups in social networks, it is enough to add publishing buttons and share all articles.

Social networks allow you to build communications with customers in real time, hold contests and promotions, form a loyal audience and trust in the brand. With the help of social networks, it is easier to involve potential customers in the conversion scenario and accompany them at different stages of selection.

Indexing all pages

Check the completeness of site indexing using special resources. All or most business-critical pages should be indexed. For an online store, this is not only the main page and contacts, but also product pages.

To improve indexing, you need to fix page structure issues, replace non-unique content, and regularly add pages with quality, up-to-date information.

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Paid advertising (Google AdWords)

You can also advertise the site using contextual, targeted or teaser advertising. But, these are paid methods that not everyone can afford, especially for start-up businesses.

If you open an online store for a group of products that is gaining popularity, be prepared for the fact that over time the trends will change and the demand for the product, and with it the site traffic, will decrease.

If you have an online store with products in a specific niche, new products will help increase website traffic. Find trending products in your area and add them to your catalog. Google Trends tools help you analyze trends.

Time factor

The age of the site significantly affects the ranking by search engines. This is why good SEO is so important. This tool works in the long run. Whatever budget you invest in the promotion of a new site, it will inevitably lose ground as soon as funding decreases. Do not expect quick results, high-quality study of the site will definitely bear fruit.

Content Marketing

With the help of interesting audiences and keyword-optimized materials, you can generate free traffic and increase the level of trust in the resource from search engines. By regularly updating the information on the site, you create new entry points for search robots and improve indexing.

The main requirement is the quality of the content. You must be interested in your field of work. Articles should be relevant and answer the client’s question. Search engines are getting smarter and can distinguish SEO-optimized articles from relevant ones. When writing materials, it is necessary to consider not only keywords, but also LSI.

Also you can use the channels of free promotion in social networks. Do not forget about communication with potential customers, because this forms the brand image and the level of trust in it.