Google launches ‘Audiomojis’, a tool that promises to revolutionize voice calls

O Google is known for going to great lengths to bring new things to its users, always standing out for its unique releases.

Among its newest features, the company has been working on a tool since September 2023 called ‘Audiomojis’.

The platform was created by AssembleDebug, with the help of the websites and TheSpAndroid, and expectations for success are high.

According to information provided by Google, the Audiomojis function is to allow Google Phone users to use specific sounds to interact in voice calls, a type of audio emojis.

Stay up to date with the details below!

Audiomojis will allow you to send emojis in voice calls – Image: Cookie_studio/Freepik/Reproduction

Audiomojis: how will it work?

Audiomojis is a feature that will enable the use of sounds in voice call conversations.

Just as there are emojis for text conversations, it will serve to improve communication over calls. Which will be completely revolutionary, as there is no such function yet.

Therefore, Google’s objective is precisely to revolutionize voice calls, bringing the same harmony that emojis provide to textual conversations. Which is why expectations are high!

So far, AssembleDebug has identified six audios that can be used in Audiomojis. The sounds were provided by AssembleDebug via these links:

  • Laughing;

  • Sad;

  • To celebrate;

  • Applause;

  • Coconut;

  • drum solo (only the drum solo has an animation included).

It is believed that new audio will be added soon as Google is still working on toollooking for ways to improve and offer a more complete experience to users.

In any case, the feature is expected to arrive on Google Phone later this year. So, users can wait as it can be released at any time.

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