Finding your soulmate has a price: new Tinder subscription package is launched

Finding love may be priceless, but for the most dedicated subscribers on Tinderit will cost the equivalent of the value of a used car in Brazil.

The dating app recently launched “Tinder Select”, an exclusive subscription plan full of different features to improve the search and matching experience.

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However, to venture into this exclusive world, you will need to pay US$500 per month or US$6,000 per year, which translates into R$2,467 and R$29,609, respectively, according to the current exchange rate.

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But there’s one important detail: Tinder Select isn’t available to everyone. Currently, only less than one percent of users, those considered “extremely active”, have access to this exclusive plan. However, the company plans to eventually expand the invite to all of its users at some point in the future.

Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, recently revealed that the invoicing direct from the app reached an incredible US$475 million in the second quarter of 2023, a six percent increase compared to the previous year.

However, despite these impressive numbers, the number of people willing to pay for Tinder subscriptions has decreased by four percent, totaling 10.5 million subscribers.

Match Group President Gary Swidler believes Tinder Select has the potential to positively impact the company’s global revenue. It is worth mentioning that Match Group also owns other exclusive dating apps, including “The League”, acquired in 2022.

Ultimately, finding your soulmate can be a priceless journey. In any case, Tinder already offers several dating options. signaturesuch as Plus, Gold and Platinum, with monthly fees starting at R$18.99 to help you find love.

Each subscription level offers different exclusive features. But, as with most applications affairit is worth remembering that the success of the novel is not guaranteed, even with a premium plan.

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