Fast internet: Brazil reaches 5th place in the world ranking of 5G network!

According to the most recent Ookla Speedtest report, Brazil has made great progress in terms of download speed on the network 5G.

Our country achieved a 1.4 times increase compared to the results recorded in the same period last year (2022).

This growth places us in 5th place in the ranking of the 10 countries with the best performances in this technology, a simply encouraging achievement that took many people by surprise.

But can we achieve bigger placements later on?

Is it possible to improve our 5G even further?

Global ranking table shows the 5G speed champion countries – Image: Ookla Speedtest/Reproduction)

It was shown that the average time for a download carried out through a network 5G it went from 312.09 Mbps in the third quarter of 2022 to 443.93 Mbps in the same period now in 2023.

According to the survey, the future could be even more promising, as another spectrum auction should take place to encourage this technological scenario in Brazil.

Globally, the average speed recorded in similar activities rose 20% compared to last year, reaching the mark of 203.04 Mbps.

In this way, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea stood out as leaders in 5G performance. The two countries showed the fastest average speeds on the planet, with 592.01 Mbps and 507.59 Mbps, respectively.

Although the Asian nation is widely known for its technological advancements, the Arab nation’s name intrigued many.

Back in Brazil, in November 2021, there was a multiband spectrum auction across the country, which generated R$47.2 billion in investments for the sector. This allowed operators to provide better services compared to previous standards.

Finally, as Ookla stated, the activation of networks 5G in July 2022 was a transformative event, which will allow uninterrupted expansion in 623 Brazilian cities until December 2023.

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