End of the pay phone in Brazil? Anatel wants to change public telephone rules

Public telephones, popularly known as “ears”, were once very important in people’s daily lives. Today, they still fulfill their function, but in much smaller numbers, given the advancement of mobile telephony in Brazil.

A new resolution from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) should define the future of these devices. The body began a public consultation to apply changes to fixed-line telephone concessions in the country.

The document that provides for such action intends to reevaluate the rules for operating the STFC in the public regime, something also provided for in item four of the Regulatory Agenda for the 2023/2024 biennium.

What can happen?

Is the pay phone’s days numbered in Brazil? – Photo: Reproduction

The Regulatory Impact Analysis Report proposes that rules that negatively affect concessions be revoked by the regulatory body.

In general, Anatel wants Public Use Telephones (TUP), known as “earphones”, to operate only for calls locations.

The Agency’s position is supported by the demand seen in recent years. An analysis carried out by her showed that 6,668 locations requested the removal of payphones, while only 236 requested their installation.

Of the total places that requested withdrawal, 3,851 are municipalities (58%) and 2,817 are districts or towns within municipalities (42%). The high rate, according to Anatel, demonstrates the unpopularity of the service nowadays.

End of the Popular Telephone?

Another measure foreseen by the report is the possible end of the Special Class Individual Access (AICE), called “Telefone Popular”, a benefit granted to those registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) of the federal government.

According to the study, the number of residential telephones installed in the homes of people in vulnerable or low-income situations has fallen by 26% in recent years.

Anatel’s public consultation, number 5/24, will be open for 45 days, starting on January 31st. To respond to the survey, access the Anatel participates and enter your gov.br account details.

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