End of an era: beloved brand closes its doors after 160 years

A great twist marks the story of a famous brandknown worldwide and which was founded in 1865.

About to celebrate 160 years of existence, it has been facing ostracism and a reduction in its presence in the market for some years now, which leads us to believe that it is disappearing.

In the beginning, the brand started out creating paper and, in 1960, it transferred to electronic communication.

Its first device was launched in 1980 and, since then, it hasn’t stopped, except in the last few decades, when it was swallowed up by new competitors.

The brand in question is Nokia, known all over the world, which was once a market leader, but which today lives in a very different context. She will turn 160 years old on May 12, 2024.

Loss of market space

Old Nokia device – Photo: Reproduction

The popularity and boom experienced in the 1990s and 2000s are no longer present in Nokia’s history. Brands like SamsungApple, Huawei, Motorola and others advanced in such a way that it was left behind.

Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile phone patents in 2014. Many believed that this would be the company’s definitive disappearance, but, in a recent authorization, HMD was freed to produce new electronic devices in its name.

What draws attention, however, is that in the advertisements already released, only the name of Human Mobile Devices (HMD) appears.

There is no mention of Nokia. Will she be remembered at some point or have we reached the official end?

A deliberate disappearance?

What is clear from the plans for marketing of HMD is that it does not aim to mention or promote the old brand. The idea, in fact, is to strengthen itself and make itself known to the consumer public.

Nokia did not completely disappear, as its patents are still behind new electronics, but it was made invisible and diluted by the new brand’s campaigns.

In short, the company that was once the market leader and that, to this day, has the best-selling cell phone in the world (Nokia 1100, with 255 million units), is falling into oblivion. This aspect, in itself, draws a lot of attention.

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HMD announced that it intends to launch some new features in the mobile segment later this year. It’s worth waiting and seeing how the brand will incorporate Nokia elements into its products.

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