End of an era? 5 features that may disappear from smartphones in the future

As technology advances, some features in smartphones may become obsolete.

Front cameras, charging ports, physical buttons, SIM card slots and even apps can be replaced due to new innovations.

Features that may disappear from cell phones in the future

Some features may disappear from smartphones in the future – Image: nextpit/Reproduction

1. Applications

While it may seem difficult to imagine smartphones without applicationsthe tendency is for these to disappear as well.

The prediction is that the cell phone of the future will work through voice commands directed to Artificial Intelligence, without the need for a specific app.

2. Physical buttons

Physical buttons are also on this list of likely disappearances.

Menu, volume and on/off buttons can be replaced with features that make the screen more reliable, such as increasing the display area. display or pressure sensitive panels.

3. Charging port

The popularization of wireless, or induction, charging has reduced the need for a charging port.

This technology allows the smartphone to be charged just by bringing it to a base connected to power.

4. SIM card

Slots for physical SIM cards also tend to disappear with the popularization of eSIM technology, which allows you to integrate a telephone line through a QR Codewithout the need for a physical chip.

5. Front camera

The trend in smartphone design is to maximize the screen. With recent smartphone models with larger screens, the front camera is taking up less and less space.

It is believed that the camera cutout will disappear completely, replaced by under-display camera technology, as in the case of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

In short, the technology of smartphones it is always in constant evolution, and the tendency is for many current resources to disappear, giving way to new and more practical innovations.

Despite this, it is still too early to be completely sure which changes will actually happen and which will remain just theories.

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