DANGER: do not use other people’s iPhone cables; understand the reason

The charger cable iPhone It has already been the subject of much controversy. So much so that Apple was forced to change the Lightning version to USB-C. It turns out that, regardless of the model, it can represent a little-known threat.

We are talking about something that needs to be considered by the user, especially when using someone else’s cell phone cable.

Ignorance of origin is the perfect recipe for fraud and contamination of the device.

Today there is the OMG Cable, called “the most dangerous USB cable in the world”, which can be purchased online for a price below US$200. At first glance, the item seems harmless, but you just need to know more about it to understand the risks involved.

Invasion power

The harmless appearance of cell phone cables can hide a trap – Photo: Internet/Reproduction

OMG Cable is capable of capturing important cell phone movements and data, such as key presses, access credentials, data in general, in addition to installing malware on the device. All this happens just through the cable connection.

This potential is enough to spark the creativity of attackers, as they can connect to the cable from anywhere.

Furthermore, there is an important element: the attack happens so silently that the iPhone owner hardly notices it.

The main recommendation from experts, given this situation, is to avoid using strange cables or cables borrowed from other people. After all, they have become another tool in the criminals’ arsenal.

Powerful update

The OMG cable was first released in 2019, but has undergone updates since then. The latest version has arrived with powerful increments.

Today, they are capable of absorbing processing, payload and even Wi-Fi access points, just like the original ones. Apple or other brands. They look more like a mini portable computer, with countless possibilities.


Originally, OMG cables were made to attack PCs and Macs. This happened when a cell phone charging cable was connected to the computer.

The criminals’ intention, however, was to search smaller devices, such as cell phones. At first, the cables posed no threat to smartphonesHowever, over time, this changed.

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Type-C cables came with a non-primary feature, aimed at researchers and educators. However, they soon became interesting for people who wanted to deploy marital monitoring apps and other possible uses.

Today, depending on the wrong hands and the intention of attackers, such items can create real inconvenience and risk for the user. So avoid!

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