Best cell phone camera: see which device takes 1st place in the ranking

A cell phone camera has become one of the most important and planned features in our modern mobile devices. The constant evolution of camera technologies in smartphones has led to an eternal dispute to determine which is the best camera on the market.

The competition between Apple It is Samsung, for example, is one of the most emblematic in this scenario. Both companies have invested heavily in research and development of camera technologies, providing users with an incredible experience.

iPhone cameras are known for their exceptional image quality and software of superior image processing, while Samsung stands out for its constant innovation in terms of lens technology and features.

Loyal fans of these brands often find themselves in heated debates over which one offers the best camera. Apple supporters cite the consistency and quality of the images, along with the ease of use of the iOS operating system.

On the other hand, Samsung enthusiasts highlight innovations such as multi-lens specifications, advanced zoom capabilities and improved editing features.

However, the competition is not just limited to these two technology giants. Xiaomi, a Chinese company, has also gained a prominent position in the smartphone market, offering high-quality cameras at more affordable prices.

Neither Xiaomi, Samsung or Apple

Recently, a brand that usually goes unnoticed in the spotlight has emerged as a standout. That’s thanks to one particular model that recorded an impressive score of 156 on the site. DxOMark, even surpassing the long-awaited iPhone 15, which scored 153 points in terms of camera. This cell phone is Huawei P60 Pro.

Image: DxoMark/ Reproduction

Huawei, a Chinese company, has struggled to gain recognition in the smartphone market, especially in Western countries, due to political challenges and security concerns. However, Huawei has consistently gained notoriety with its camera capabilities and innovations in photography technology.

Second place

Secondly, we have Apple’s newest release, the iPhone 15, which has achieved a prominent position when it comes to video recording.

With innovative and advanced features, the iPhone 15 is the undisputed leader in this regard, offering exceptional video quality, improved stabilization, and impressive editing capabilities.

However, in terms of photography, the iPhone 15 comes in second place, behind the Huawei P60 Pro, which illustrates the complexity of competition in the world of cell phone cameras, where different brands and models stand out in specific areas.

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Image: DxoMark/ Reproduction