Be an astronaut: NASA opens vacancies for new professionals

The dream of becoming a astronaut and exploring the vast mysteries of space is no longer a mere fantasy for Americans.

NASA, the renowned United States Space Agency, recruits candidates for future space missions. Check out more below!

The Artemis program

NASA seeks new astronauts for lunar missions under the Artemis Program – Image: Reproduction

The available vacancies are part of NASA’s Artemis program, whose main objective is to return to the Moon in 2024.

The mission will mark a historic moment, as it aims to take the first woman and the next man to Earth’s natural satellite. The last lunar landing took place more than half a century ago.

Those selected for the ‘Artemis generation’ will have the opportunity to explore and conduct experiments at the lunar south pole, an area still unexplored by humans.

The future astronauts are named as Group 23 and the wage per year is US$ 152 thousand, which is approximately equivalent to R$ 750 thousand.

Requirements and selection

Aspiring astronauts will undergo rigorous two-year training, honing essential skills such as spacewalking, robotics and teamwork. The requirements to apply are:

  • Be an American citizen;

  • Have a master’s degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics;

  • Have at least two years of significant professional experience in the chosen field or 1,000 hours of flight as a pilot.

Interested parties have until April 2nd to register. The NASA Astronaut Selection Board reviews applications and each applicant’s merits for qualification.

Upon completion of the review, it will invite the most qualified candidates for interviews at the Johnson Space Center, located in Houston, Texas.

About half are called for a second interview, in this last phase, NASA selects its new astronaut candidates.

Next steps for the Artemis program

Artemis 3 will be the third mission in the program, a series that increases the difficulty of missions to the Moon — all designed to establish a sustainable human presence on the satellite.

The program began in November 2022, with the Artemis 1 mission reaching lunar orbit. Artemis 2 is scheduled to end 2024 with a crew aboard the Orion spacecraft.

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The next mission, in 2025, aims to place humans on lunar soil. However, many experts question whether the ambitious plan is actually viable.

The opening of such vacancies marks a significant moment for space exploration, opening doors to new discoveries and expanding our knowledge about the Moon.

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