Application transforms reality into animation; get to know Cinemamin and learn how to use it

For those looking to add a unique and differentiated touch to their videos, the Cinemin app appears as one of the best options currently available.

With this tool, you can create animations from videos existing ones or save new ones, all in just a few steps.

Cinemin stands out for applying effects to original works, without resorting to artificial intelligence, in a scenario where this feature is gaining more and more space in image and video editing applications. Something to highlight is that the app is only available for iPhone.

Turning videos into animations with Cinemin

Let’s find out below how to convert original videos into incredible animations using Cinemamin:

Image: Cineman/Reproduction

  1. Download: The first step is to access the App Store on your iPhone and download the Cinemamin app. Although it is free, some advanced features may require payment, such as exporting in 4K resolution.

  2. Authorize access: After installing the app, open it and grant the necessary permissions to access your iPhone’s microphone and camera.

  3. Save or import: Now, you can record a new video directly in the app or import an existing video from your gallery. Just tap the images icon at the bottom left of the screen.

  4. Wait for it to load: After recording or selecting a video, wait for the application to load the file.

  5. Choose a filter: Once upload is complete, your video will be displayed with one of the filters available in Cinemamin. You can choose any free filter and see the changes in real time.

  6. Fine adjustments: If you wish, you can make more detailed adjustments, such as brightness, contrast, shadows and other parameters. Just click on the icon with three lines and explore the available options.

  7. Trim your video: Cinemin also offers the option to trim parts of your video. Tap the resize icon and make any necessary edits.

  8. Set the resolution: Choose the desired resolution for your video. Cinemamin supports files up to 4K.

  9. Export your video: After making all the adjustments, it’s time to export your video. Tap the yellow button at the bottom of the screen.

  10. Choose the export option: Select “Export Video”.

  11. Save or share: Finally, choose how you want to export your video. You can save it directly to your image gallery or share it to other Cinemin-compatible apps.

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After this complete tutorial, you are familiar with Cinemamin. Now you can leave your creativity flow and create engaging animations from your original videos. Explore the possibilities of this application and add a unique touch to your audiovisual creations.