Alert in the USA: Arctic blast announces extreme cold wave in the coming weeks

You U.S are about to face a sharp turnaround in weather conditions, with the imminent arrival of an arctic blast triggered by a polar vortex in Canada.

After a relatively mild December, the nation is preparing for days of extreme cold, with temperatures between – 30 °C and – 50 °C, with a thermal sensation of an impressive – 50 °C.

The weather forecast warns of the intensification of this climate phenomenon in the coming days.

Kendall Smith, meteorologist at Fox Weather, explains that the polar vortex, as it moves south, opens the doors to a mass of cold, arctic air, which until then was contained in Canada.

This will result in a cold wave that will directly affect several regions of the United States.

Arctic explosion in 2019 in the USA – Image: Getty Images/Reproduction

Cities such as Minneapolis, Kansas City, Little Rock in Arkansas, Nashville in Tennessee and Chicago are among the areas that will feel the effects of this arctic blast, with very low temperatures persisting until January 18, 2024.

Thermal sensation below –50 °C represents an additional challenge for residents, as it requires precautionary measures and protection against the intense cold.

The polar vortex and its climate influence

This area of ​​cold low-pressure air, located at the planet’s poles, is known to strengthen during the winter and weaken in the summer.

However, the break of the vortex, observed on January 3 of this year, triggered the current climate situation in the United States.

The breakdown of the polar vortex is an event in which this area of ​​cold air fragments, thus directly affecting the climate of regions far from the poles.

The reversal of currents, with cold polar air moving south and warm air heading south North Poleis what results in this impactful climate phenomenon.

Climatologist Judah Cohen highlights the correlation between Arctic warming and lower thermal levels in the Northern Hemisphere.

Their study points to the increasing frequency of the polar vortex, which indicates a direct relationship with climate change.

In a year when the El Niño contributed to a milder winter in the United States, the abrupt arrival of this arctic blast caught the country by surprise.

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With forecasts of such low levels, authorities issued a warning to encourage strict precautions and ensure the safety of the population.

It is crucial that citizens are prepared to face extreme conditions, adopting measures such as the appropriate use of thermal clothing, in order to prevent prolonged exposure to the cold and have access to warm places.

The country remains on alert, closely monitoring the evolution of this climate phenomenon and taking measures to minimize its impacts.

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