After a long wait, WhatsApp finally launches a useful feature similar to Telegram

Last Wednesday (13/0), the Whatsapp revealed the global launch of the feature called Channels for some more countries that had not yet received it, including Brazil.

This new feature allows individuals and companies to send messages to an unlimited number of users in a format similar to that already offered by Telegram.

For those who don’t remember, there was a huge controversy surrounding the launch of this new feature related to the presidential elections and the misuse of the tool to spread fake news. Therefore, the country ended up being left out of the first updates made.

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What changes from now on in WhatsApp?

With this new feature coming to users, WhatsApp starts to function as a platform for disseminating information, with the intention of reaching more people in less time.

The company stated that all users will have access to this functionality in the coming weeks. For now, anyone who wants to follow a channel will need to access the official link of a group that is able to create a channel and sign up to receive notifications as soon as the functionality is available.

As a way to test the new feature, only selected and verified vehicle channels are available. So, if you tried to create your own, you may not have found the option.

Despite this, there is no need to worry because soon all users will have the ability to create their own Channels. The person who passed on the official information, which calms users, was Guilherme Horn, head of WhatsApp for strategic markets.

So, just wait for more news! And you can check them out right here, on Multiverse News.

How to find the ‘Channels’ feature in WhatsApp?

Anyone who is used to WhatsApp’s layout will have already noticed. From now on, Channels will be presented in a separate tab called Updates, which was previously the Status tab.

In this space, in addition to famous stories, users will be able to find the most recent, most active and most popular Channels.

So, are you ready to read some of the main news on Channels within WhatsApp? Continue following all the information to check the updates disclosed by the messenger.

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