A great find: archaeologists find Mayan city hidden in forest in Mexico

Good news for the history of humanity! Archaeologists who were studying dense forests in Mexico ended up finding an ancient Mayan city, a find that had a great impact on both the scientific community and the general population.

After a grueling journey of about 60 kilometers through the dense forests of the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico, the team of archaeologists discovered a previously unknown Mayan city.

It is called Ocomtún, which means stone column. This city spans vast expanses and is made up of squares, pyramid-shaped buildings and majestic stone columns.

Photo: Wikimedia/Reproduction

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In January 2023, a group of archaeologists also discovered important remains of the Mayan civilization at the archaeological site of La Cuenca Mirador Calakmul, located between northern Guatemala and southern Mexico.

The researchers identified roads, buildings and settlements, which revealed how the Mayans in this region.

Scholars also found 189 new areas that were part of a city-state situated in one of the few unexplored tropical forests in the region. The news was shared by Richard Hansen, a renowned archaeological researcher in the area.

However, there are still big steps to be taken. This is because archaeologist María Belén Méndez, a doctor in Mesoamerican Studies who collaborates with Hansen, says that these discoveries are preliminary and that further studies will be essential to determine whether all the artifacts belong to the same period.

She emphasized that archeology continues to make incredible discoveries, but the key is connecting the data to reach more accurate conclusions.

Although much of the newly discovered city has been eroded by time, researchers have already developed some hypotheses. One of them suggests that the stone columns could have served as entrances to the upper rooms of the buildings.

Now, with this discovery made in Mexico, scholars carried out aerial surveys in the region using the LIDAR technique, a technology that has helped these great discoveries. It involves the flight of a plane at low altitude that emits a laser capable of performing an X-ray of the Earth’s surface, even reaching underground.

The construction of these ingenious structures required considerable experience and physical effort. Now, the goal of archaeologists is to identify and restore artifacts that may provide new information about the Mayans, including hunting utensils, cooking tools and other objects.

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