A bottomless hole? Mystery of the 90s still SHOCKS scholars

In the 90s, an intriguing story emerged in the U.S involving a mysterious sinkhole in Ellensburg, Washington, that allegedly had no bottom.

The report gained prominence when Mel Waters called into the radio talk show called Coast to Coast with Art Bellin 1997, describing a hole on his property with intriguing characteristics, to say the least.

‘Impossible’ hole was never found

According to Waters, the hole was so deep that city residents could throw all their trash into it and the hole would still never be full.

Waters also claimed to have hung large amounts of fishing line in the hole, which went down more than 24,000 meters without reaching the bottom.

Furthermore, Waters stated that the hole caused fear even in animals and possessed magical properties, such as resurrecting dogs.

The story tells about a hole never found – Image: Shutterstock/Reproduction

During the radio call-in, Waters shared extraordinary details, including accounts of a resident who threw a dead animal into the hole, only to see it return to the ground. life.

Claims of radios playing oldies and morphing brass were added to the narrative, further fueling speculation about the seemingly endless hole.

However, the truth behind Ellensburg’s magic hole is more prosaic than fantastic.

Experts, including Jack Powell, a geologist with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, refute the possibility that such a deep hole is geologically viable.

Powell explained that the pressure and heat in the surrounding strata would cause a hole with such characteristics to collapse.

Further investigation revealed that there was no evidence of Mel Waters or his wife in the area. Allegations about the giant fishing line have been refuted.

It is believed that the legend Bottomless Hole is based on a local gold mine that has a much more realistic depth of around 27 meters.

Still, the story of the Ellensburg magic hole remains a popular cultural curiosity, illustrating how urban legends can capture the imagination even when the reality behind them is much more earthly.

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