800 units of ‘Brahma Phone’ will be distributed free of charge during Carnival

Do you want to enjoy the carnival days in street blocks? If yes, then the ‘Brahma Phone‘ and to you! With a ‘Brahmin’ design, the cell phone will perform a new function for revelers.

This Carnival, Brahma put marketing on the streets – and we’re not just talking about beer cans!

The brewery has launched an unusual initiative to ensure that revelers can party with peace of mind, providing the so-called ‘Brahma Phone’ so that people can leave their main cell phones at home while they enjoy the Carnival.

‘Brahma Phone’ – Image: Brahma/Reproduction

With this, revelers can enjoy the street parties without worrying about their main cell phone. The proposal is simple: transform your cell phone Brahma in a kind of ‘thief’s cell phone’, with free features.

This way, if the device is lost or stolen during a party, the damage will be minimized.

Only 200 cell phone units will be made available per day, with a limit of one device per person. Only those who are enjoying the festivities in Salvador or Rio de Janeiro can redeem the device.

To purchase the device, you must present a photo identification document and prove that you are 21 years of age or older. In total, 800 devices will be made available during the festive days.

What to expect from ‘Brahma Phone’?

The ‘Brahma Phone’ is a modified version of the ‘Positivo Twist 5’, with most of its basic features cut out.

It was designed to meet the essential needs of revelers during Carnival days, offering basic functionalities such as calls, SMS messages and a transport app.

In addition, it has an integrated GPS to facilitate location and a camera modest 8 MP. All of this is presented in a simplified interface, similar to Obasmart.

In other words, the device is specifically designed for those who want greater security during street blocks. Enjoy!

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