8 habits that delay aging by up to 6 years, according to scientists

O aging It’s something that everyone will face one day, but that many would like to delay a little. Some essential habits and behaviors can help promote this.

Although there is no magic formula, a study carried out by scientists at the American Heart Association (AHA), located in Philadelphia, U.Slisted eight measures that can delay aging by up to six years.

Have you ever imagined getting younger in a simple way? This is what the research called ‘Life’s Essential 8’ proposes.

It basically defines heart health based on four lifestyle markers and four other health markers.

It is possible to delay aging; see how

What can I do to have a better heart and be younger? – Image: Reproduction

The study proved that maintaining healthy habits makes people with better cardiovascular health are up to six years younger than their actual age.

To arrive at the results, scientists took into account data from more than 6,500 adults, with an average age of 47 years.

According to the leader of the group of researchers, Donald Lloyd-Jones, the discoveries made by the team help to better understand the link between chronological age and biological ageso the adoption of healthy habits can be decisive in a person’s life expectancy.

Check out the eight measures you should adopt below if you want to rejuvenate and live longer:

8 habits to have a healthy heart

  1. Make good food choices, preferring healthier options;
  2. Be more active in your daily life;
  3. If you smoke, it is advisable to stop now;
  4. Prioritize your sleep;
  5. Maintain a weight appropriate to your height;
  6. Pay attention to your cholesterol;
  7. Pay attention to your blood sugar level;
  8. Manage your blood pressure well.

So, are you ready to get started? Take a test and you will soon notice the benefits of changing your habits.

However, remember: like any sudden change, there may be some initial difficulties when dealing with the discipline.

The tip is to persist and move forward!

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