11 Best Thrillers You Should Watch on Netflix

Netflix is ​​like a dense, mysterious jungle with many good movies, TV shows and documentaries hidden deep within various categories. Most people have a hard time finding a new movie or TV show to watch while sifting through categories. One of the many categories is suspense or mystery that wows thrill-seekers from different aspects of the plot. What better way to spend locked time inside the house than watching a good murder/missing person thriller on Netflix?

While there are so many great movies available in different languages, it was difficult for us to list every single movie our teammates liked. I have compiled a list of some of the popular and best thrillers on Netflix.

Let’s start.

1. Lost Girl

Based on the book of the same name by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl is a missing person and murder mystery that shakes the lives of a seemingly happy couple. The narrative will constantly change and you can never be completely sure of the main characters or their intentions. Not just a couple. It seems that everyone has secrets hidden beneath the layers of the social fabric we call society.

Thrillers on Netflix 1

Gone Girl will force you to rethink the farm and married life where you can be both a victim and a perpetrator. Maybe that’s why Amy (the girl who disappeared) says, ‘We’re so cute, I want to punch us in the face’. This sums up his view of marriages.

2. Broken

The movie begins with an ordinary day. A couple whose daughter’s arm is broken is traveling. While he is taking a quick nap, his wife and daughter go missing to the hospital for treatment. Nobody remembers anything and there are no hospital records.

Thrillers on Netflix 2

Fractured does a good job of keeping your mind busy with thoughts of what will happen next. The hospital is a beautiful setup, something most people will be interested in. So, it’s a place that no one wants to visit given the choice, and you’re not always sure who to believe.

3. Invisible Guest

The story is about a perfect night gone wrong. A happy couple in love book a hotel room. When the man wakes up the next morning, he learns that his lover is now dead. The next thing is clear about who is to blame for the murder.

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Thrillers on Netflix 9

Below is a game of cat and mouse where the man hires a lawyer to protect himself from jail time. Or did he really commit the crime? You will love solving this mystery.

4. Sleepy Space

This is a classic where you’ll witness Johny Depp at its best, at least for me. In 1799, at the dawn of a new century, Depp is sent to investigate a series of murders in which headless cavalrymen behead the victims. Is this fiction, or is there a logical and logical explanation behind what the headless hunter saw? There is a way to find out.

Thrillers on Netflix 3

The setup is spooky but beautiful, complete with lots of fog, noise and shadows to complete the effect. Note that this is a bloody movie with a few cutscenes, blood and close-ups that are not at all suitable for children. On the other hand, you are in for a treat.

5. Forgotten

A man is kidnapped and mysteriously returns 19 days later. Problem? He’s a different man with no memory of what happened in those 19 days. Her brother is not sure what to do about this new human being who looks like his brother now.

Thrillers on Netflix 10

Forgotten movie is the kind of movie that starts after the second half. You’ll have to wait until the director builds a solid foundation before subverting everything you see and understand.

6. Zodiac

Zodiac is a crime thriller based on true events that shook the California city of 1960-70. With a stellar cast including Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr., Zodiac follows criminal procedure involved in media lawsuits.

Thrillers on Netflix 4

The killer is constantly leaving clues and writing letters, but there is no Sherlock Holmes in this world who will finish it quickly. The investigation continues for a long time, even years, until the very end of the film. The zodiac may seem slow at times, but this is how crimes are solved in real life.

7. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dream will take you down a rabbit hole full of wild dreams, where it will be difficult to distinguish reality from dream after a certain point. A father spends three years searching for his kidnapped child, but to no avail. And so he begins to search for her in his dreams to trace his steps.

Thrillers on Netflix 8

If you can’t get enough of Inception, you’ll love this movie as it takes a different approach to dream technique. However, it’s equally mind-blowing with a complex ending.

8. Murder Mystery

What happens when you invite Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to solve a murder mystery? Murder Mystery is an intriguing comedy. A billionaire is murdered on his yacht, and the NYC cop Sandler plays on vacation is all over the place.

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Thrillers on Netflix 5

It’s a holiday comedy with a light, silly, and oddly satisfying take on murder mystery movies. There are also many suspects, some played by familiar faces like Gemma Arterton and David Walliams. It is a movie that you can watch with your family and even invite children.

9. Secret Obsession

A woman wakes up suffering from amnesia with no memory of her past. Her husband is taking care of her. But there is something wrong. She fails to love him back, suspecting that she is not her husband. Then who and what happened? How did it get into this situation?

Thrillers on Netflix 11

Secret Obsession has little to offer in terms of action but focuses more on the plot and all the surprises that come with it. Get ready to feel your privacy invaded as you follow Jennifer’s story.

10. Interview

Do you like tiring and gripping inquiries? The interview has little action to offer, but the scenes were shot in a dimly lit room. What begins as an investigation into a stolen car and a missing person slowly turns into a hunt for a serial killer.

Thrillers on Netflix 6

This is an Australian movie that should have reached a wider audience but never did. The Usual Suspects fans will love this movie. But it has more of a twist as investigators are not saints either, and they quickly discover that even they are under investigation. A must-watch for those who like to watch bold and suspenseful movies on Netflix.

11. Mirage

Mirage is a thriller-thriller that follows the story of a young mother. He saves a man’s life in the middle of the storm, and instead of being rewarded with good karma, a series of negative events follow.

Thrillers on Netflix 7

As the story continues to take unexpected turns and turns, the consequences appear one after another. Watch the end because it will surprise you even more. A true thriller. One of the best in Spain.

Mysterious Netflix Subcategories

There are so many good movies on Netflix and I could barely scratch the surface. These are a good starting point and will keep you busy for a few days/weeks depending on your work schedule. You’ll discover more as you finish them. Netflix’s recommendation engine is pretty good. If not, you can always search for more using the link we shared in the opening paragraph above. Happy weekends.

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