100% filmed with iPhone 15 Pro: see Olivia Rodrigo’s new clip

The pop singer Olivia Rodrigo released a new album called “Guts” at the beginning of September. In parallel, Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 15 a few days later.

Naturally, such a strong influence among young people would be chosen by the apple company for a collab announcing its new launch: the iPhone 15.

And that’s exactly what happened: in the action, Olivia Rodrigo recorded the video for the song “Get Him Back!” entirely with an iPhone 15 Pro model. See how the result turned out below!

iPhone 15 Pro surprises with powerful camera

Image: Reproduction

The recording quality is comparable to that of a professional camera, with clear and impressive resolution. But what draws the most attention to the clip is the editing and post-production, in which several “Olivias” appear walking through different places at the same time, as if they were different people.

Although the majority of users and customers of Apple not looking for this type of functionality, effects and editing of this type, recording the video clip was a way to showcase the quality of the device’s camera.

However, Olivia Rodrigo’s music video isn’t just about heavy editing! The “portrait mode” feature was also used in the video. This mode allows the background of the image to be blurred in an extremely professional way. After all, it’s no wonder that the brand is known for great camera quality.

Ultimately, the video manages to deliver what it promises: the high quality of the Apple’s latest release.

Watch the clip now:

What are the iPhone 15 camera specs?

Several new elements make up Apple’s new device, but when it comes to the camera, new updates have been implemented to improve the product.

O camera system it now has a 48-megapixel main sensor, similar to the one on the iPhone 14 Pro. The sensor makes 1x and 2x optical zoom modes possible and maintains the 0.5x ultra-wide lens.

Portrait mode, shown in Olivia Rodrigo’s video, has been optimized. Photos now offer better performance in low-light environments.

Furthermore, it is also important to highlight that this camera mode will be activated automatically when the user clicks on a point to focus with the main camera.

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What did you think of the images captured with the new iPhone in the video clip? Olivia Rodrigo? Tell us in the comments!