WATCH: UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping nearly ‘ruined his pants’ after Halloween jump scare prank

“Census” Michael Bisping He has always been one of the funniest personalities on the UFC roster. The fact that the fighter was pranked and still a sport for that matter is the reason why he’s an absolute fan favourite.

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping is arguably the toughest fighter in UFC history. The fighter from England lost his eye and went on to become the champion of the middleweight division with a title defense under his belt. After retiring, the fighter began transitioning to a UFC analyst and also appeared on broadcast shows.

At UFC Tonight on the FOX Sports 1 program that aired during the pay-per-view event UFC 230 in 2018, Michael Bisping’s crew scared him “shit” on live television. The broadcast crew made sure to set up a costumed scarecrow to jump out of nowhere while Bisping was running, which caused the fighter to leap out of his seat and scream for his life.

Bisping admitted he was caught by his team and joked, “Do I have to break someone’s jaw here to get some respect?” Fighter was a great sport in this regard and also kept posting the clip on his Instagram profile. “Safe to say I almost ruined my pants!!!!” Bisping wrote with a lot of exclamation points.

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Michael Bisping’s amazing run as a fighter in the UFC

Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping

Michael “The Count” Bisping’s career is one of the craziest in UFC history. The fighter fought in promotion for ten years before confiscating UFC gold. On top of that, he fought with one eye for most of his career. Bisping made his UFC debut in 2006 and has an absolutely stacked resume.

The “Count” never backed down from the fight and was known as a warrior inside the octagon. In 2013, the fighter faced Vitor Belfort in the octagon when he lost his sight during the fight. The fighter had to go through several tests to make sure he passed the test to continue fighting in the octagon. While most fighters sought a different career path, Bisping kept fighting and fulfilled his dream.

All of Bisping’s hard work finally paid off. UFC 199 when he accepted a short-lived title fight against Luke Rockhold, which he lost in the octagon. Bisping unbelievably knocked out the champion, becoming the first champion to come from England. He then went on to defend his title once before losing the belt to the great Georges St Pierre in 2017. After a fight, Bisping announced his retirement.

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