WATCH: He fell into the front seat! Bizarre MMA matchup takes place in the car

MMA arises from martial arts that show great respect not only to the opponent, but also to the craft itself. While major MMA promotions like the UFC and Bellator try their best to uphold this ideal, the same cannot be said for regional promotions.

Last time it was a teenager and a woman fighting with her grandfather, video of another eccentric match has surfaced, this time organized by a local Russian MMA organization. In this case, two men are seen fighting in a car. Veal White and Dean of Plants He must be having a field day looking at this!

The details of how the match went are actually quite interesting. To add a bit of a more organic feel to the competition environment and also increase the difficulty, the fighters started by opening their seats before eating ham to each other.

The two men changed positions regularly – in an instant, one of the warriors stopped in the car and beat his opponent, who was crouching in the seat, while in the other, both men began to punch each other standing up.

The fighter had to be stopped at the end of the fight as he managed to grab his opponent’s legs as both fighters landed outside the car.

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Strange MMA matches that do not respect the unified rules violate the sanctity of the sport

Another one of the weird MMA match that takes place in a car
Another one of the weird MMA match that takes place in a car

MMA’s major organizations, including the UFC, Bellator, and Pride, are working particularly hard to enforce a single code of conduct that must be followed by all fighters, teams, referees, judges, and even the organization itself.

This set of rules is defined as the unified rules of MMA followed by every organization that wishes to be seen in a positive light. By UFC websiteUNIFIED RULES OF MMA Evaluation criteria, Fouls, Prohibited substances, Number of laps and lap time per competition, Weight classes, Medical requirements, and Athlete clothing and equipment.

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A fully sanctioned MMA match adhering to unified rules between Deiveson Figueedo and Brandon Moreno at UFC 255
A fully sanctioned MMA match adhering to unified rules between Deiveson Figueedo and Brandon Moreno at UFC 255

Obviously, this is a simplification of an exhaustible list. However, as we mentioned above, matches not only ignore any of these rules, they also put the world of MMA in a bad light.

Brass of the biggest promotions featuring the likes of Dana White, Scott Coker and Hunter Campbell worked hard to move the sport out of the idea of ​​being a gladiator sport where only savages competed and watched.

Recently, the local MMA organization made the news of another bizarre incident in which a trans woman paired up with a man – the video was blasted by fans and experts everywhere, including. Israel AdesanyaWho said, “why do we allow this

It is clear that such bouts are set up to bring in eyeballs who are only interested in watching something strange, so that the sport gains attention as a mainstream sport enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life; must stop.

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