“There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin and a nerd” – Colby Covington broke his character when Alexander Volkanovski created “Chaos”

It’s safe to say Alexander Volkanovsky and Colby Covington “Spotify Wrapped” has different opinions when it comes to results. When these two were asked about Spotify results during a press conference, Volkanovski’s response split Covington in two.

Colby Covington and Alexander Volkanovski fought on the same card. UFC 245 It happened at the end of 2019. The PPV event was definitely a stacked event, and the promotion brought together a panel of athletes made up of Covington, Volkanovski, and Germaine de Randamie, who were part of the blockbuster card. The three athletes shared the same stage to answer the questions of the fans.

It was around 2019, when Colby “Chaos” Covington fully embraced the role of the heel of promotion and put on his right-wing extremist personality that caught the attention of many. Even during the Athletes Panel, Colby wore a full orange suit with a Donald Trump hat. When asked about the Spotify results, Volkanovski said he was looking forward to finishing his work. As for Mr. Kaos, who was pretending to be reading a book on stage, he said: “It looks like something a cow or a virgin would do.”

Covington was such an absolute threat during this Athlete Panel that host Megan Olivi hesitated to even ask questions. Volkanovski waited for the entire interview, and as the featherweight fighter gave his final thoughts, he said: “There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin and a cow” Responding to Covington’s previous comments. Even “Kaos”, who was sour throughout the event, could not hold back his laughter.

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Alexander Volkanovski brutally fried Colby Covington years later

Alexander Volkanovsky
Alexander Volkanovsky

You would think Alexander Volkanovski and Covington would get over that awkward moment at the athletes panel in 2019. However, that does not appear to be the case. To this day, the two of them constantly taunt each other when the opportunity arises. One such moment came when the featherweight champion joined the FLAGRANT podcast hosted by comedian Andrew Schulz.

On the show, Volkanovski decided to play a series of raging pranks on his UFC peers, and Covington was confident a joke would come his way, and he did. Reading a sign card, Volkanovski said: “Colby Covington, you’re a total jerk. Colby, you’re more fake than the stripper t*ts you pay for in your videos.

We haven’t heard a response from “Chaos” since this “brutal” fight from the featherweight champion. Volkanovski is now ready to rise and challenge in a weight class for the light weight belt. The featherweight champion is determined to achieve double champion status and win what he will have to snatch the belt from newly crowned Islam Makhachev at UFC 284.

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