“I see how dire the situation is in Ukraine” – Maryna Moroz, looking for hope as Russia invades her home country of Ukraine

In today’s opening challenge of the front card, Ukrainian fighter Maryna Moroz defeated Kazakh fighter Mariya Agapova with an arm-triangle choke. The “Iron Lady” went through an emotionally draining fight not only because she fought her one-time teammate Agapova, but because her family and country were facing Russian invasion.

It is not difficult for anyone to understand why the Ukrainian, who coaches the Ukraine Olympic Boxing team, has such a great love for his country. Stumbling right after his victory, Moroz picked up UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s microphone and was depressed as he tried to talk about his family and home.
“There’s a lot of pressure on me. I’ve been feeling nervous all week, I cried. I tried to focus. Most people don’t know, but it was really hard for me. I see how terrible the situation is in Ukraine. Really, my heart almost cried. But I did. I focused and I fought.” Moroz said at the post-fight press conference.
Moroz won three fights right after he went from chaff to extreme. However, due to some issues with her visa, this is her first fight since she won against Mayra Silva, UFC Fight Night 170: Brazil.

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“Stop it, I want to save my family”- Maryna Moroz sent an emotional message after her win at UFC 272

Mary Moroz
Mary Moroz

Russia invaded Ukraine in February and the countries have been at war ever since. This caused the Ukrainian people to try to help in the war or raise awareness about the issue. Moroz is constantly raising awareness through social media and even raising money by selling merchandise. At his post-fight press conference, he talked about the war and how it had affected him personally. He talked about how he had to keep his head down and focus in order to be able to fight and win despite the ongoing war.

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Even like elite fighters Vasil LomachenkoWladimir Klitschko vitaletc. By joining the army, they escaped from their pedestals to fight their brothers.

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