“Let’s get mom of $200G******” – Luke Rockhold SLAMS UFC’s old bonus format for ‘Still Stuck at 50,000 bonus’

Luke Rockhold is considered a veteran of the sport and has been a part of many UFC fights. Warrior was previously part of ‘Strikeforce’ and was later drafted to the UFC in 2013. His career at the UFC was quite impressive, and Rockhold also retained the UFC middleweight title in 2016, defeating Chris Weidman.

Now rockhold He is not in a good spot in the UFC as he has lost three times in his last four octagon games. At this time, the warrior is scheduled to fight Paul Costa At the main event of UFC 278, which will take place next week.

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“People need to wake up” – Luke Rockhold wants fighters and fans to understand UFC’s unfair treatment

Luke Rockhold Veal White
Luke Rockhold Veal White

Luke Rockhold recently did a virtual interview. MMA Fight’Damon Martin before his next fight. In the interview, the duo discussed Rockhold’s training camp, preparations and mindset leading up to his fight at UFC 278.

During the interview, Rockhold talked about the combat bonuses UFC fighters get after winning the ‘Performance of the Night’ or ‘Fight of the Night’ award. Rockhold criticized the fact that the UFC is still giving away $50,000 in bonuses after all these years. Rockhold explained that the company’s overall turnover has increased significantly over the years, but this is not reflected in the bonuses of the warriors. According to Rockhold, people shouldn’t celebrate the $50,000 bonus and want much more than that.

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“What are we doing here? F $50,000 bonus f** has been going on for twenty years, what f? The company’s valuation is increasing by billions of dollars and we’re still stuck on 50,000 bonus checks. What is it? People need to wake up….we’re back…and they’re just they get paid from us.People need to shut up, ‘Oh, $50,000 bonus!’ “It’s becoming something. Let’s get $200,000 – $200G, son of a bitch***. That’s what you want to hear. The company needs a little overhaul.” rockhold

Warrior payouts and combat bonuses have been discussed for some time recently, and warriors are now raising their voices about it. UFC and Veal White They also faced fierce heat to increase fighters’ fighting bags in events. But there was no development on this issue.

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