Joe Rogan has an amazing analogy to describe what it feels like to get a hand*b instead of a blowjob.

Joe Rogan may now have ditched his comedy career to some extent instead of other lucrative opportunities. However, there was a time before marijuana and fighting, when Rogan effortlessly showed it, it was natural to make vulgar jokes on the microphone.

While not on the level of Rogan, Carlin, or Pryor, he had his own shine when it came to comedy, the main reason behind securing many lucrative jobs, including his gig as the iconic Fear Factor Guy. A great example of this can be seen in Rogan’s section on blowj*bs.

Talking about girls who refuse to participate in oral sex, rogan aforementioned, “Girls who didn’t would offer substitutions, they’d say, ‘No, I won’t do that, but I’ll do it by hand’, like no, this is my fucking sport, what are you going to do with your own hands? “ Rogan later went on to say that he had mastered the art of self-gratification and did not need a hand in the field.

“This is one of the most uncoordinated experiences in a man’s life”Describing how it feels to buy a handicraft, Rogan said: “10 years of experience here” He then went on to provide a great analogy for the same thing by comparing it to the experience of brushing with your left hand.

“You’re a magician with your right hand, there’s that fast muscle twitch thing, you know where every tooth is,” said Rogan, giving an animated impression as he brushed his teeth. “He’s a complete paralysis of the left hand, you can’t keep the rhythm, you stab yourself”, said Rogan to loud laughter.

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What happened to Joe Rogan’s Stand-up career?

Joe Rogan
Rogan frequently collaborates with iconic comedian Dave Chappelle at stand-up events

Rogan has made 10 stand-up specials to his name, most recently in 2018 as part of his deal with Netflix. His comedy career has dwindled drastically since the pandemic, and he has done private stadium/arena tours with famous comics.

Also, since Spotify’s deal for the JRE’s licensing rights, Joe Rogan has taken a step back from comedy. His latest special, Strange Times, tackled topics like the legalization of weeds, canceling culture, and strange animal facts.

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This was a noticeable shift in Rogan’s comedy from his early days, when he approached comedy more through the lens of crude sociology. The recent shift to a more political stance impressed a few, but also turned away old fans of its content.

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