“jeer-ee after recent events” – Fans were shocked to learn that Jiri Prochazka’s first name was actually pronounced “YEEZY”

It may not be the best time to announce to the world that you are similar to your real name. Kanye West brand, “Yeezy”. Jiri Prohazka He’s had his first name completely mispronounced by the UFC and his fans all this time, and he never even bothered to correct them, and the reason is logical.

Jiri Prochazka is one of the most beloved fighters in the UFC roster. The fighter has a very unique personality. As fans discover new things about their lives, they suspect the fighter is a former fighter. Recently, however, MMA fans learned that Jiri Prochazka’s first name is not pronounced as “Yee-Ri” or “Jee-ree”. It turned out to be actually “Yeezy”. Luke Thomas of Morning Kombat was the man to deliver this news.

It’s strange timing, to say the least, to find out that their favorite fighter’s first name actually looks something like this. brand that controversial rapper Kanye West started with Adidas. On Morning Kombat, Luke Thomas said: “I was told it was pronounced Yeezy Prochazka.” The timing seems to have caused quite a reaction from MMA fans, due to events taking place in the world surrounding Kanye West and his brands.

Prochazka is a Czech fighter who has taken the UFC by storm since 2020. After just three fights at the UFC, the Czech fighter became the champion of the light heavyweight division, and his old training techniques inspired by the Bushido Rules went viral. samurai. The warrior is a box surprise and you learn something new about him almost every day. “Denis”.

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Twitter reacts to Jiri Prochazka’s first name being pronounced as “Yeezy”

Jiri Prohazka
Jiri Prohazka

Kanye West is a name many would want to be associated with following the controversy surrounding the rapper. The Chicago rapper turned out to be bad luck for athletes as he recently mentioned basketball players Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul. It’s understandable that MMA fans are frightened by the latest news because they’re afraid to watch one of the most beloved fighters in the UFC get into trouble.

Jiri Prochazka was recently hailed by fans for his decision to relinquish the light heavyweight title as he had to pull out of his first title fight against Glover Teixeira at UFC 282. Apparently, Prochazka did not believe that this would be honorable for him. He’s holding the rest of the division due to injury.

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