Gilbert Burns responds to Dustin Poirier’s fight cry, asks him for a middleweight showdown

Dustin Poirier is an unusual place. He’s one of the world’s top lightweight fighter and one of the best fighters per pound. Still, it fell short a few times. He was defeated in two consecutive championship games while beating everyone else in the Division he faced.

He showed interest in fighting at the age of 170 after losing to Charles Oliveira. Laura SankoDustin Poirier shared his thoughts on potentially moving up to 170 pounds and fighting for the title. He stated, “Of course I wish these were big guys, man. We’ll see, I definitely think I can fight at 170. Honestly, at 155 right now, my metabolism is a little bit boosted.”

His head coach also stated that he might be a better middleweight than lightweight, considering the amount of weight he puts into making it light. He stated, “It’s huge, it gets really hard to make 155. I’m not sure. He might be a better middleweight than a lightweight. Time will tell, but he’s definitely not small for a middleweight.”

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Dustin Poirier took to Twitter to demand a fight, Gilbert gave an unexpected response

Dustin Poirier and Gilbert Burns
Dustin Poirier and Gilbert Burns

Dustin Poirier hinted at boosting to 170 after his defeat against Charles Olivera at UFC 269. Then, after his victory over Jorge Masvidal, current #1 middleweight contender Colby Covington was called up lightweight. At Welterweight, he only showed interest in Fighting Nate Diaz.

However, Dustin tweeted, “I want to fight.” Needless to say, if a UFC fighter wants to fight, he tweets “I want to fight” It is not the most suitable option. However, this is Dustin Poirier and his tendencies. The former interim champion, who has once again lost the title, is unsure of his future and often reflects this when he tweets similarly.

This may be pure uncertainty about his future, but Gilbert Burns’ answer was certain to be vague. Gilbert never showed any interest in fighting Dustin and vice versa. Still, Gilbert responded to the said Tweet and said: 170 mi?

This basically means that he is fighting Dustin in middleweight. It would be interesting to see these two frames. Dustin is undoubtedly a big Lightweight, so fighting in the middleweight wouldn’t be such a stretch. I would not mind, Gilbert He’s a former lightweight and his transition to middleweight has been beneficial because he’s had comparatively more success.

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Dustin Poirier
Dustin Poirier

Depends on whether Dustin wants it or not. Examining the past carefully, Dustin was only interested in fighting Diaz in middleweight, but has been virtually inactive for the past half-decade. Fighting with a true middleweight, middleweight pedigree and experience would not have been a desire for Dustin to have. There will probably be no fights, but in this sport, no one will ever know. This is an unpredictable sport and one can just sit back and see the cards unfold.

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