ESPN hates Israel Adesanya? Fans were outraged when ESPN MMA released the irreverent “Frozen like Elsa” video following the superstar’s brutal defeat to Alex Pereira

This past weekend was not an easy weekend for the former UFC champion. Israel Adesanya. The superstar faced a devastating loss to his foe. Alex Pereira, It resulted in several trolls attacking the former champion at UFC 281.

While fans expect brutal trolls after Israel Adesanya’s away loss UFC 281. No one expected a well-known sports company such as ESPN MMA’s official Twitter account to release an edit of “The Last Stylebender.” Recently, Adesanya said in her post-fight octagon interview at UFC 276 that she would be leaving Pereira’s “Frozen Like Elsa”.

His opponent, Alex Pereira, also took up this sentence and opened fire on his foe ahead of last weekend’s middleweight title game. After “Poatan” knocked out the former champion, many fans quoted the superstar and made fun of him. Earlier today, the official Twitter account of ESPN MMA posted an edit that you’ll most likely see a troll in a Twitter post.

Fans were outraged that the official broadcast partner of the UFC disrespected a PPV star like Israel Adesanya by making such an arrangement. Reacting to the release of such a video by someone like ESPN MMA, the fans were divided. This isn’t the first time Adesanya and her fans have felt disrespected by ESPN.

At the UFC 281 official weigh-in show, Adesanya also cursed the broadcast for playing a video of her being defeated by her enemy in a kickboxing match. Check out some of the fan reactions to this event from ESPN. Fans also found the official ID that hides the criticism for this “trolling”.

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Twitter reacts to ESPN’s “attack” on Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya Alex Pereira at UFC 281
Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira at UFC 281

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