“I don’t know who you are” – when Conor McGregor extremely pisses off NBA player Draymond Green for supporting Floyd Mayweather

Draymond Green I had a taste of the garbage talking expert, Conor McGregor The most disgusting insults NBA player thought it was a good idea to ask the Irishman to remove his Golden State Warriors jersey, which eventually led to an online feud.

Conor McGregor shows no mercy to anyone on the Internet. The Notorious One is known for its quick, witty insults. Draymond Green, a Golden State Warriors player in the NBA, is not a saint either. The forward has also been known to spank his opponents during a basketball game.

Little did Green know that McGregor was an entirely different ball game when it came to vomiting verbal poison. The Irishman was seen wearing a Warriors jersey during the legendary fight between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, and the NBA player wrote: “We’re rocking with Floyd bro, not you… in an Instagram post.

The UFC superstar did not hesitate to retaliate and wrote: “This is CJ Watson dude. I don’t know who you are. Don’t disrespect the kid, just keep running and stay at school.”

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Conor McGregor explains why he’s wearing the #23 Warriors jersey

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McGregor, Warriors forward, responds to Green’s Instagram post

In a follow-up comment, McGregor wrote to Draymond: “Now ask yourself why I was rocking Cj when I didn’t know about basketball or was arrogant. I shake my head off the ground. Not the ball. This isn’t a game, son.”

It is clear that McGregor did not wear the Warriors #23 jersey because he was a fan of the sport. Then why did he shake it? Is it because she finds it beautiful? No. He is a master of mind games from Ireland and was completely withdrawn into the area to make sure his rival, Floyd Mayweather, at the time was taunted in every possible way.

Mayweather has a bad track record for being an abusive. He was in prison for abusing his wife. According to reports, Mayweather once returned home after her split from her husband to learn about messages from the NBA player. CJ Watson. This led to more violence on Mayweather’s part. McGregor allegedly investigated Mayweather’s criminal background.

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