“Added motivation” Jon Jones takes a long Twitter rant in response to fans’ mockery about his latest pad workout, tips on fighting Francis Ngannou

Jon Jones has warned the heavyweight group, but the problem is, it’s been over two years since he first did it. This caused a significant number of fans to shut down due to his heavyweight debut.
While Jon seems to be in better shape physically than ever since his anticipated heavyweight move, fans think the same isn’t reflected in his batting.

what worked Jon at Light Heavyweight His reach was mixed with his flamboyant strokes that weren’t afraid to experiment while inside the octagon. Combine that with an ever-present threat, such as wrestling with a dominant loss, and we’ll get an idea of ​​why he’s so dominant.

But many fans fear that his wrestling won’t be as effective against the big boys in heavyweight, and recent images of hitting the pads aren’t giving him any more confidence. In response to these criticisms, john inability to comment and a series of tweets revealing his side.

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Jon Jones believes a fight against Franci Ngannou is back on the table

Jon Jones x Francis Ngannou
Jones in heavyweight physique in 2021

First, he addressed the criticism that his heavyweight fight took too long. john attributed this to the impatient calls of fans “A big problem that has to happen” While he considers this the biggest criticism ever made to him at the moment.

He later stated that everything he could do was on his side. “Correct me if I’m wrong but in one of Dana’s recent interviews I’m sure I’m ready to go, just waiting to see what happens between Stipe and Francis,” he said. Read the tweet as Jon says he’s doing the only thing he can in the meantime, “packaging kilos”

He then addressed criticism for his slow appearance on the pads. She just chose to take it “additional motivation” saying, “I’m going to push harder, I can’t wait for all of you to see your son in real fighting form. Everything has its own process. “ Meanwhile, Jon has been in the process of getting into fighting shape since 2020 with no clear end in sight.

Jon then responded to several fans, one of whom explained that his heavyweight debut had been delayed from the originally scheduled September dates to November, but the delay made it possible for heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou to be among the opponents’ picks.

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Jon later responded to a fan by saying that he didn’t seem that slow in filming, and said: “Personally, I don’t feel slow, I realize I’m not in camp and I’m in the bloat phase. But I like people who judge this version of me, it can only be to my advantage.”

Do you think Jon will finally make his heavyweight debut this calendar year? Let us know below who you want him to face when he finally gets out of 205.

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