“Why don’t you ask Rafa or Roger or the council?” – Paul Macnamee criticizes comments against Novak Djokovic’s Wimbledon stance

Former couples No. 1 Paul McNamee praised Novak Djokovic for his support of ATP’s decision to exclude Wimbledon from qualifying points this year. He also beat another tennis star, Mark Petchey, for his Serbian criticism.

After the British Major banned Russian and Belarusian players from competing due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he made his ATP and WTA picks. World No. 1 continues to lose the most ranking points since winning the competition last year after beating Matteo Berrettini in the final. McNamee praises Djokovic “incredibly selfish” While criticizing his stance on Twitter Mark Petchey. “Incredibly selfish by Djokovic, considering he’s the one to lose the most… I think it’s time he started getting praised for his honesty.” McNamee wrote.

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Later, she also replied to Mark Petchey in another tweet. openly criticizing the Serbs. Petchey stated via Twitter, “So, according to Benoit, 99% of players want @Wimbledon points but not Novak as the lead voice in PTPA? Am I missing something here that seems like the purest definition of cognitive dissonance in tennis?”

To give a strong response to Petchey, couples specialist He replied by writing on Twitter, “Really? You’re picking the guy with the most to lose, accused of self-interest, and noble… why don’t you ask the people who really made the decision, guys like Rafa, Roger, and the Gamers Council… maybe Pet?”

Novak Djokovic to Lose World No. 1 After Announcing ATP and WTA Decisions

Novak Djokovic |  Tennis News |  Moyens I/O
Novak Djokovic

ATP and WTA announced an important decision. After the tournament banned Russian and Belarusian players from competing this year, the two institutions have decided to reduce their ranking points from Wimbledon. As a result of this decision, Djokovic suffered a serious setback. Following the decision to deduct the qualifying points from the tournament, 2021 Wimbledon points will drop as usual at the end of this year’s championships, causing Novak Djokovic to lose 2,000 points and relegate to his number one spot.

Djokovic won 20th grand slam championship Defeating Matteo Berrettini in the Wimbledon finals last year. He is the last Wimbledon champion this year and was expected to protect him. 2000 ranking points from the previous year. However, as the ranking points are no longer available for this year’s Wimbledon Championship, the Serbian will lose them and therefore their No. 1 ranking.

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