WATCH: Novak Djokovic curses and laughs hysterically as rational Lior Suchard enchants Serbs

21 times big winner Novak Djokovic currently in Kazakhstan for the 2022 Astana Open. The Serbian reached the tournament by winning the Tour title in Tel Aviv, his 89th career title. Before the tournament started, Djokovic was seen having a good time.

In a video uploaded by Lior SuchardDjokovic, a famous mentalist, can be seen laughing wildly in a restaurant. The video was later played by Suchard’s former World No. It goes back to the case where 1 turned out to be 710.104 and when held upside down he split Serbs in half for doing some calculations on a phone calculator that looked like a ‘Novak’.

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Novak Djokovic moves up to 4th place in Astana

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

Djokovic He could be seen wearing a white shirt, and from the video one could definitely say that he was in a very good mood. With Djokovic unaware of seeing the number, suard‘ the trick completely baffled him and he even said ‘f**k’ before putting his hand over his mouth to control himself.

“This is crazy, are you kidding? Is this real?” He asked Djokovic several times, looking stunned by Suchard’s trick that he stood up completely. Djokovic’s real reaction was better for the fans as it was nice to see the former World No. 1 player get some time off before starting another tournament.

Ranked 4th in AstanaDjokovic will go to his 4th title this week and with the ranking points removed, he could once again enter the Top 5, currently in 7th place. 2022 Wimbledon He injured the Serb quite badly, dethroning him from his World No. 1 position.

Djokovic will start his campaign in Astana. Cristian Garin What about the third meeting between the two? Djokovic has won both games so far and will be the favourite for his third consecutive win against Chile.

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