WATCH: Former First Lady Michelle Obama visits Arthur Ashe stadium to support Frances Tiafoe in an exciting US Open semi-final

Frances TiafoeThe 24-year-old American pro has made quite a name for himself in the final stages of the season, with the world ranking 26th, Tiafoe recently reaching the quarterfinals of the Citi Open and being eliminated from the second round in both rounds. Canadian Open and Cincinnati Masters event.

The young American wanted to improve his performances at the ongoing US Open, and that’s exactly what he did as he made it to the semifinals of the last major tournament of the season and became the first black man to ever make it to the league. long years. The American was sure to receive a great reception, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to propel him to the final of the tournament.

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Michelle Obama saw her support Frances Tiafoe in the US Open semifinals

Frances Tiafoe
Frances Tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe The American, who stunned the world with his performance at the US Open, managed to beat his peers. Raphael Nadal and Andrey Rublev set out to make it to the semi-finals of the tournament, but his dream was crushed by the 19-year-old Spaniard carlos alcaraz He eliminated Tiafoe in a five-set thriller.

One of the highlights of the game that caught the public’s attention was the presence of the former first lady. Michelle Obama In the stands supporting Frances Tiafoe as she fights for a place in the final US Open. But Michelle Obama’s support wasn’t enough to push TIafoe into the finals after a big fight, falling to the ground.

Carlos Alcaraz continues to perform as the Spaniard who made it to the finals of the US Open magnificently, playing 5 setters in a row. Alcaraz defeated Jannik Sinner After defeating Tiafoe in an age-long match and now in the quarterfinals of the tournament, the Spaniard has a chance to win the US Open and win his first ever grand slam.

Norwegian professional Casper Ruud He will face Alcaraz in the US Open final, as both players will compete for the title and #1 in the standings.

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