Tomasz Wiktorowski adores Iga Swiatek and explains how he has made him proud by maintaining his perfect form this year.

Tomasz WiktorowskiNo. 1 coach in the world of Poland Iga Swiatek He recently revealed his thoughts on the season and how his player was able to keep the momentum high no matter the circumstances. Iga had one of the most remarkable tennis seasons ever in 2022, winning 2 Grand Slam titles en route.

The coach started by talking about the mentality that the Polish player takes the field every time, “How did Iga survive this season? It maintained the high level it showed at the beginning of the year. There were no big bobbles. We can say that he lost matches, but there were only a few matches.

He continued to talk about how difficult it was to maintain his form in different conditions and conditions.”Everything else was at a level that could only be imagined before. Iga managed to transfer his form to the court. And conditions are different everywhere. Keeping this level high is linked to being able to adapt.

Continuing his line of thought, he talked about not only waiting for a good result, but always the urge to win, “Instead of trying to adapt all the conditions common among players, which is a trap, to what he expected, Iga continued its effectiveness by adapting to the various conditions it had to face.“.

Noting how proud he was of the player and how the addition of new team members to the group helped World No. 1, he concluded, “I’m also proud that we brought a mentality that we wouldn’t go for a good result, but for a win. We did this with Daria Abramowicz earlier in the year. “We put it out in consultation. That worked, too.”

“Always play to win” is physiologically a less used strategy these days because there are many studies of the “85% rule” stating that when an athlete is told to run at 85%, they run faster than they are told. Run at 100%.

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The extraordinary 2022 of Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek
Iga Swiatek

The 2022 domination of 21-year-old Polish World No. 1 Iga Swiatek resembles the prime minister of Serena Williams. He finished the season with multiple singles titles in 8 of 17 games played, the final victory was at the San Diego Open.

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The Polish player exceeded 11000 points this season. The difference between him and the second placed Tunisian Ounce Jabeur is more than the Tunisian’s total points. This difference shows the Poles’ dominance on the tour this season. The record for wins is 67-9 this season.

Another amazing record for Swiatek is 22 bagels this season (winning the set 6-0). The last one was against American World No.7 in the WTA Finals. Coco Gauff. That’s only the second most bagel count (25 bagels) in a season recorded by Serena Williams in 2013.

He won French Open and this year the US Open brought the total number of slams to 3. The total number of ATP titles is 11 and 8 have been won this year. If it stays in this form, it will be a one-man show by Poland World No.1 in 2023.

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