Romanian WTA player Sorana Cirstea claimed that Serena Williams mistreated her and never spoke to her opponents before matches.

Romanian WTA player Surroundings of Sorana recently opened on the mental side of the 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams‘ reveals how he thinks the American continues to be deliberately cold in front of his opponents to intimidate them.

Speaking on the La Fileu podcast, Cirstea aforementioned Serena never spoke to her opponents before the matches.

“Serena [Williams] terrified me, he was trained to do this job. To scare you in the locker room. First of all, Serena doesn’t talk to anyone in the locker room, to another player.” said Cirstea.

“We have a shared locker room. It’s kind of weird at first when you see someone on TV, then you go and play against them. He wouldn’t talk to anyone in the locker room and he had an aura that scared you.” Romanian loved it.

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Sorana Cirstea talked about how Serena Williams waited in the locker room when only her team members were with her.

Surroundings of Sorana
Surroundings of Sorana

Before entering the tournament area, players are often asked to wait near the locker room area before announcements are made and players step in. For most large events, the entire process takes at least five minutes.

“I will never forget, I was playing the final in Toronto in 2013. You have the tunnel that takes you to the arena. Normally you have about 5 minutes until you are called in the tunnel, the moment they take you, you go alone. The team crosses to the other side and enters the stands. Serena always stayed with all the staff. I was there alone, small, and she was with the staff, she.” sirtea explained.

“He was surrounded by many people. A trainer, sparring, trainer, physio, mom, sister, puppy, dog sitter. They were laughing, joking and joking a little. You enter the field, and then he enters, cheering, wildly. In the warm-up, he easily delivered the ball from behind at a speed of 2 km per hour. As for the volleyballs, it gave you full power.” she loved it.

But Cirstea also admitted that Serena is indeed a great actress, especially at her peak.

“And when he [Serena Williams] She was in her best form, Serena was top, she gave exceptional service. It did 200 km/h slowly. I make an average of 170 serves, we are talking about 1 service. It was providing 190 services continuously,” he said. said, added “He was a phenomenal player for his time. He knew when to step on the gas, he had the strength and the perfect technique. He was also smart at the game, he knew when to step in and when to let go. I didn’t play enough with him to feel comfortable.”

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What do you think? Was Serena deliberately cold to intimidate her opponents or was that just part of her personality? Let us know in the comments section below.

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