Roger Federer expressed his gratitude to Rafael Nadal for playing in the farewell match despite his personal problems: “My hope was to play doubles with Rafa.”

Roger Federer Announcing that he quit the sport after 24 years, he gave tennis fans the biggest heartbreak of this season. Federer, who was inactive after his surgery after leaving Wimbledon last year, was forced to retire as he could not support the series to play professionally again.

Federer announced his retirement in September. 2022 Laver Cup It will be his last official Tour appearance. Although he didn’t play the singles match, he instead befriended his opponent in the doubles draw. rafael nadal for the match. While the duo was unfortunate enough to lose the match, photos of the two great champions and their rivals crying together as Federer was paid tribute to each fan were engraved in the hearts of every fan.

Federer recently appeared on The Daily Show presented by the comedian. Trevor Noah. Noah asked Federer to play his retirement match, and especially with Nadal, who was expecting the birth of his first child at the time. Despite doubts about the Spaniard’s appearance, Nadal found time to play with Federer and soon returned home to be with his wife as the couple welcomed their first son.

“It was very unusual for us to be number one on the same team. I think it changed the whole dynamic of my goodbye. At that time, my hope was to be able to play doubles with Rafa. So after the US Open, I had to call him and it was actually a very emotional phone call because It was the first time I’ve said anything to someone outside of my team and family.” Federer said while talking about Nadal.

“I should have called him and said hey Rafa (Nadal), right before I make other plans, I would love for you to be in the Laver Cup and maybe play one last double with me. It would be great because unfortunately my knee is not that good anymore and I think this is the end. It’s like, ‘Oh yes, my god, I’ll be there at any cost.’ He’s become a father now. I’m so happy for him.

“And we weren’t sure she’d make it because of the baby. So it was one of the first times I had to tell this story and come to terms with it as if my career was coming to an end. So when he showed up and Novak was there and Murray was there and Bjorn Borg It was there and everyone was there. It was an incredible moment, and then I knew it was going to be incredibly emotional. Added Federer even more.

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Roger Federer admits he’s happy with the way his retirement is coming

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer - IMAGO / Xinhua
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer – IMAGO / Xinhua

For federalRetirement was approaching as her knee injury often flared up as she had to undergo multiple surgeries. The 20-time Grand Slam champion talked about his emotional farewell ceremony, expressing his happiness at saying goodbye on the field after playing the match instead of announcing it with a press conference.

“When I was young, I always cried a lot in victory and defeat, I don’t know why, but I cry. But I’m happy because that’s how I remember those moments even more. Then when it was all over and I had to get the microphone, I knew it was going to be horrible for me. But I felt like I did pretty well. I was so happy. I was able to be there in tennis clothes because that was my vision.

“For me to be there with the microphone in the light and say to everybody, ‘That’s it.’ And it was incredible to do it in London, where I was very successful. The Laver Cup was beautiful and Rafa briefly held my hand there, or I held his hand, it was incredible.” Federer ended his speech while talking about the farewell match. nadal.

Federer promised to stay in touch with sports and participate in exhibition events whenever and wherever possible. He stayed true to his word as he recently played in Tokyo for an event hosted by one of his sponsors, Uniqlo. Hope to see him more often next season.

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