“A racist and a homophobe” – when Martina Navratilova smashed Margaret Court for saying tennis was full of lesbians

Martina Navratilova In 2017, he got into a big argument with Australian tennis legend Margaret Court. The 24-time major champion made some racially unacceptable comments that seemed to trigger Martina Navratilova. The American accused Margaret Court of being racist and homophobic for saying tennis was full of lesbians.

Martina Navratilova also wrote an open letter demanding that the Australian Open rename Margaret Court Arena. She believes gyms should be named not only for their achievements on the field, but also for their behavior off the field.

“Now it is clear exactly who Court is: a great tennis player, racist and homophobic. Her criticism is not just an opinion. She is actively trying to prevent LGBT people from having equal rights (Note to the Court: we are human too). Trans children everywhere and demonizing trans adults.” Navratilova Wrote

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Andy Murray has called for a boycott of the Australian Open over Margaret Court’s racist comments.

Dutch actress Richel Hogenkamp, ​​who has come out as an openly gay player, also supported Martina Navratilova’s defense, which demanded that the Australian Open rename Margaret Court Arena. Former British tennis player Andy Murray has called for a boycott of the 2018 Australian Open if the issue is not resolved by then.

“It would be more beneficial to do something before the tournament. If players come to an agreement – if they think the name should be changed – this should be decided before the event starts, but I suspect many players will be quite annoyed by this. Murat had said.

Martina Navratilova and Margaret Court have a long history of oral arguments. In 1990, the Australian shot 18 big winners for setting a bad example for the tennis community. However, as Martina revealed in the same interview, she had already forgiven Court for such comments.

“I forgave Court a long time ago for comments that made headlines in 1990, when she said I was a bad role model because I’m a lesbian. What I didn’t know until now were the cheeky racist remarks he made about apartheid in South Africa in the 70s. Saying that South Africa deals with the “situation” (meaning people of color) much better than anywhere else in the world, especially the US: What exactly did he mean by that?”said Navratilova.

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