Ons Jabeur expressed unhappiness over Simona Halep’s doping scandal, saying she hoped it was “unintentional” by Romanian.

Simona Aleppo He faced a major setback in his career when his blood test reports came back positive for a banned substance. He has been suspended from all duties on the WTA Tour until the final verdict is out and will face four years suspension if found guilty. ounce Jabeur He expresses disappointment when he learns of the doping controversy.

The 2-time Grand Slam champion released a statement claiming he was completely unaware of consuming the substance. He claimed to be completely innocent and stated that he will continue to fight until the final truth is revealed. He even asked his fans for support until he came out clean.

The Tunisian regretted the situation of the Romanian player. However, he stated that he does not know all the details of how the incident happened, but hopes that Aleppo will tell the truth about his unintentional mistake. World No. 2 said, “It’s very sad for me to see what can happen when someone makes a mistake. What he’s saying is that it’s a mistake, something unintentional.“.

Jabeur spoke more interview He “A cheater will always show a very high level of substance on their tests, but Simona’s result reflects a very low percentage. I’m not sure what it is, every player’s fear of taking something unknowingly and testing positive for doping. This is very disturbing, I hope Simona is telling the truth because no one wants to get involved in something like this.

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Ex-manager of Simona Halep remains supportive amid doping controversy

Simona Aleppo
Simona Aleppo

Darren Cahill, former coach of Simona Halep, supported Romania. ignorant As he continued to defend the 2019 Wimbledon champion, he wrote a long and heartfelt piece expressing his belief in him. He even said that knowingly consuming a prohibited substance had no chance of doing such a thing.

He has vouched for the player’s honesty and fairness since coaching him for six years. He thinks he’s coming soon to clean up this mess. He even stated that the Romanian’s greatest strength is his honesty. After Cahill, his current coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, gave his 100% support and talked about staying by his side until the war is over.

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