“Not a model for our children” Rafael Nadal accused by a French journalist of chasing titles for his welfare after the 2022 French Open

Raphael Nadal rewrote the record he won French Open 2022, for winning his fourteenth Roland Garros title. He became the oldest French Open Champion in history. With this victory, Nadal achieved several milestones, including his record 22nd Grand Slam title. Nadal also beat his arch-rival Novak Djokovic He is on his way to the championship and has said he will also continue to compete for the biggest titles.

But this victory came at a very high price for Nadal. He arrived at the French Open with a lot of uncertainty as he had just recovered from a rib injury, but just weeks before Roland-Garros he was suffering from foot pain due to a degenerative disease affecting Nadal’s left foot. He explained that he took a lot of painkillers for training and after the game. Corentin MoutetHe was in so much pain that his doctors gave him an injection to relieve the pain. The injections worked for about 12 hours and so he had to make several injections throughout the tournament to stay competitive and play without pain.

“I was able to turn my hobby into work,” Roger Federer said of his gratitude for tennis.

Rafael Nadal received a lot of criticism for not being a good role model.

Raphael Nadal
Raphael Nadal

Rafael Nadal says this experience has taught him that he will never again compete with a numb foot as it causes a lot of pain and can have lasting effects on the body. However, he came under fire from many, including a French Journalist named. Clemence LacourWho said:

“These heroes, who choose performance at the expense of their bodies and physical problems, have to put them to sleep. Is this the model we want for ourselves and our children?”

Many on Twitter expressed the same feeling that it was extremely careless for Nadal to do such a thing. Given that Nadal is a fitness icon and an inspiration to millions of people around the world, it wasn’t fair to show that if you want to achieve a goal, you can harm your body. For many people it was so unreasonable for Nadal to have won the title thirteen times, doing something so violent that it could cause permanent damage to his body just to win it one more time.

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