“It’s been great for me to see Iga evolve as a tennis player,” says Kim Clijsters of the newly crowned World No. 1 Iga Swiatek.

Newly crowned World Number 2 Iga Swiatek The 20-year-old continues to impress the Tour as he wins his 3rd WTA-1000 title in his career and his second title in trot. Against Maria SakkariReaching the 3rd World ranking, which is the highest ranking of his career, Swiatek won the match 6-4, 6-1. 2022 Indian Wells Open.

The win made Iga the first WTA player to score 20 wins in the season, and the Polish teenager also has two major titles to show as he currently has an 11-game undefeated streak. 2022 Qatar Open in Doha.

Kim Clijsters shares her thoughts on the rise of Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek
Iga Swiatek

Seventeen months ago, Iga Swiatek wasn’t exactly a star in the tennis world. In fact, he was ranked 54th among WTA players when entering Roland Garros, and in Rome qualifying Arantxa lost to Rus in the first round.

But something magical happened in Paris. Iga Swiatek won French Open title, he was 19 years old. He was the lowest ranked champion since the Rankings were introduced in 1975.

Kim Clijsters He was also 20 years old when he first rose to #1 in 2003. Now 38 years old, he considers himself among the rising actors of today and marvels at how young they look. He loves what he sees in Swiatek, his game, humility, even love. Raphael Nadal.

“It’s been great for me to see Iga grow as a tennis player. There’s a certain type of focus that focuses on tennis and just tennis. There’s a drive there that I admire a lot – a drive I know.” said Clijsters.

The Belgian also praised his desire to develop despite his achievements, without getting carried away by them. He also praised the fact that sponsorships and special treatment do not affect Poles.

It has had great results in the past, but still wants to improve. We’ve seen others take a step back and say, ‘Oh, now I’ve won a Slam, I’ve made it’. Sponsors come and I’m treated like a princess everywhere I go.” Clijsters added.

The Belgian later took Ashleigh Barty as an example, emphasizing that a person should not be treated differently simply because of great results and performances.

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“Just because you’re the #1 player and won a Slam doesn’t mean you have to treat other people differently. I feel like Ash Barty has done that wonderfully, and I think Iga has that focus too. There is still great respect for other people around him.” said Clijsters.

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