Iga Swiatek breaks silence on Miroslaw Skrzypczynski accused of violence and sexual assault

World Number 1 Iga Swiatek Since reaching the top of the rankings, she has been raising her voice on various sensitive topics circulating on the internet. The 21-year-old, who is the leader of the Tour and also the biggest name in Polish professional tennis, understood his responsibility and took the right steps.

He is one of the rare players who still show support for Ukraine with a pin with the Ukrainian flag on his hat. He also expressed disappointment that his colleagues did not continue to talk about Ukraine. This time, however, he spoke about an issue that was closer to him.

According to recent disclosures by Polish journalist Onet Janusz Schwertner, Polish Tennis Association President Miroslaw Skrzypczynski is accused of corruption, sexual assault and a history of violence. Even the current MP Katarzyna KotulaShe accused Skrzypczynski of sexually abusing her as a child, and he was her tennis coach.

The 3-time Grand Slam champion sat in the news for several weeks before getting the full facts of the matter, then took to his Twitter account to express his thoughts. He added three pictures to the Polish and English statement in which Skrzypczynski condemned his action and reported his steps towards the issue.

“I feel that as the current leader of women’s tennis, I cannot remain silent on certain issues. I remember admiring the freedom to decide if I wanted to talk about something. Make decisions based on the sensitivity, knowledge, limitations, and strength I currently have to encourage you to do something like support people in pain or take care of our mental health.

“This is why I know that when it comes to physical violence or emotional abuse, the most important thing is to think about and be sensitive to the victims. And when we talk about something that is wrong, we need to think about them first and foremost. I’m trying to do this the best I can.

“I am against violence in sports, tennis, every discipline and everyday life. That’s why I find the articles about the president of the Polish Tennis Federation serious. “Governing bodies need to determine what happened and I hope the media will deal with this case after they write the stories of the people they’re talking to.” aforementioned Swiatek.

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Iga Swiatek shares a hotline to report crimes and help victims

Iga Swiatek
Iga Swiatek

Knowing its popularity not only in Poland but worldwide, Swiatek He made sure he knew all the facts before making any statements and reaching his millions of followers. He urged victims to care and reach out for support, and to help ensure that no offenses go unreported, and also hoped that the governing body would fulfill its role and take appropriate action in the case of Tennis Association President.

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“Because the issue is so serious and concerned with people’s lives and health, it is not my job to do the work of governing bodies and journalists. What I think I can do is encourage you to seek help when something bad happens in the sports community and in any situation in life, where there is a possibility that someone will experience physical violence or emotional abuse.

“If someone is suffering because of this, the most important thing is to take care of themselves and seek support, for example there are hotlines and organizations that help people suffering from violence. This can be my role and that’s how I can use my influence here – as a voice that tries to educate and reminds me that the most important thing is to seek help when you need it. He added, continuing the chain of thought.

“Being sensitive to people who are victims of violence is very important, especially if they don’t have the means and strength to talk openly about violence. When we witness someone suffering, it is very important to be alert, speak loudly and try to help. Personally, I’ve been lucky not to go through such difficult, terrible situations, and I am grateful to my father and how wisely he has managed my career.

“I have a great team, safety and I’m really privileged right now but I also realize that not every athlete can have the same independence. I hope that with the exposure of such issues and their careful and fair resolution, the sport in Poland and the world will change for the better.” Finished Swiatek.

The explanation is just a proof World Number 1His maturity is far beyond his age. The words he uses show that he is aware of his responsibilities not only as an actor but also as a human being. He also made sure to get his testimony in both Polish and English so it was accessible to most of his audience and increased his audience base.

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