Grandmaster Susan Polgar thanks tennis great Billie Jean King for her contribution to women’s equality, addresses misogynists and perverts in chess

Hungarian-American chess grandmaster Susan Polgar tennis has been great lately thank you Billie Jean King With a tweet for her contribution to women’s sports. Billie Jean has done a lot for women in sports, not just tennis. I’m so grateful,” Polgar tweeted. Saturday.

The ‘War of the Sexes’ match in 1973 where Billie beat a famous male actor Bobby Riggs Making a case for equal pay in women’s tennis also led to a major revolution for women’s sports in general. The match was also the inspiration for the 2017 movie of the same name, starring Emma Stone, Steve Carell and Andrea Riseborough.

Susan is the sister of one of the greatest female chess players of all time. Judith Polgar and the brothers also made a major case for women’s equality in sport, becoming one of the few women to ever achieve the title of Grandmaster (not to be confused with the separate entity, Women’s Grandmaster).

In fact, the Polgar brothers have competed in many tournaments with a dominant men’s field since then, and the two still regularly comment on chess events around the world.

Susan recently commented on Twitter: “There are many series of misogynists, perverts, reptiles, chauvinists and sexists in our chess world, including those from the very high places of various federations that hunt and exploit women. Some women who raised their voices, including myself, were fired, attacked, and worse, punished.”

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Susan Polgar and her ‘fast’ tennis interest

Susan has a quick interest in tennis and regularly makes funny jokes with sports professionals on Twitter.

Recently, he was seen jokingly analyzing the tennis prowess of chess world champion Magnus Carlsen, a complete breakdown of his dexterity. Susan was telling Roger Federer’s former coach about Magnus’ abilities. Ivan Ljubicic.

Susan Polgar
Susan Polgar

she made a joke. “Magnus has a strong (albeit inconsistent) front kick and average back kick at best. His overall speed on the court is good but he needs to work on making it more efficient for tennis.”

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