‘Expanding portfolio’ Serena Williams to join hands with Lewis Hamilton to buy Chelsea Football Club

Old World Number 1 Serena Williams She is a successful business woman as well as a tennis player. A 23-time Grand Slam champion, he has carefully built his portfolio over the years and is one of the richest sports personalities. Having many initiatives in various fields, the American wants to explore more.

As the Ukraine-Russia War saw sanctions on Russian businesses and oligarchs in the UK, the London-based Chelsea Football Club It is one of the affected organizations because it owns it. Roman Abramovicha wealthy Russian businessman and a known close aide to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Roman is also believed to be a peace negotiator between Ukraine and Russia, but so far there has been no success on this front.

With England being a strong supporter of Ukraine, sanctions against Abramovich were quickly announced, eventually affecting Chelsea Football Club. With Roman ready to sell the club, the sanctions have so far halted all sales and restricted the football club’s finances, including the recruitment of new players, as the club cannot do anything but sell players.

Meanwhile, in a consortium headed by Martin Broughtonex-president Liverpool Football ClubSerena and the legendary Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton Getting ready to band together to take over the football club. According to reports, both Serena and Lewis are expected to receive a share of 12 million euros each as co-owners of one of the leading football clubs, not only in England but also in European Competitions.

In case Chelsea are taken over by the consortium, they will join their peers. Manchester UnitedLiverpool and Arsenal Like clubs owned by American businesses. last sale Newcastle United It is very close to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund and would be a good prospect for the club, which is currently affiliated due to the presence of a Russian oligarch.

Chelsea Football Club won’t be Serena Williams’ first acquisition from Sporting

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Among Serena’s wide portfolio, which also includes her own clothing brand, ‘by Serena S‘ and his company Serena Ventures The tennis legend, who recently crossed the 100 million mark, is also Miami Dolphinsa team in international football league With an ownership of 0.5%, as reported by Forbes. It will be exciting to see Serena and Lewis join the Football world as well, although the deal will take a long time to materialize as it will be closely watched by the British government.

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