Top 8 OnePlus 6T Camera Tips and Tricks

The OnePlus 6T camera brings home a host of new features such as Night Mode, Google Lens, better edge detection in portraits and improved scene detection. These features combine to get the best possible photos. But at the end of the day, photography, no matter how advanced its features, needs a human hand and eye to perfect those moments.

We’ve managed to get our hands on the OnePlus 6T and have compiled a list of the best OnePlus 6T camera tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

Where are the Camera Settings?

The camera settings of OnePlus 6Ts are not visible in the main window. To access the settings, you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen, which displays a submenu loaded with icons for other modes.

Screenshot 20181102 160220

Tap the gear-shaped icons for settings.

1. Capture Detailed Night Shots

Night Mode is a new viewing feature in the OnePlus 6T’s camera app. This new mode lets you take well-detailed, low-light shots. It works by stitching together a series of long exposure photos.

Night Mode Oneplus 6 T

Therefore, it is imperative that your hands are as steady as possible when using this mode. Even the smallest shake can steal the sharpness of photos.

Although you can manually switch to Night Mode, you can set it to turn on automatically when the camera detects a night scene.

One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 5

To enable it, go to Settings and toggle the Automatic Night Scene Detection switch.

2. Google Camera Port

Sure, the stock camera can produce pretty impressive results. But let’s face it, the Google Pixel 3 takes photos that will blow your mind – all thanks to computational photography. Well, what if we told you that you can have some of this magic on your OnePlus 6T? Say hello to the Google camera port.

One Plus 6 T Portrait Mode

Taking portraits using the Google camera app port on your OnePlus 6T would be a neat job. An XDA Developer Forum member named Arnova82 developed the stable version of the Google Camera port app. Of course, a few features like Night Sight, Slow Motion and Photo Booth are not available in the port. But you can make the most of active features like HDR+ and Portrait Mode.

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Before you start playing with Google Camera, make sure you have HDR+ enabled in Settings.

Op6 Gcam
One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 3

To install the APK file, visit the link below and download it on your OnePlus 6T. To get started, open it and tap Install. Once complete, you will see a second camera icon in your app drawer. For simplicity’s sake, you can rename it so you don’t get confused.

3. Super Slow Motion

The slow motion mode of the OnePlus 6T comes with a host of options and settings. And the good news is that you’ll find everything under one roof, making it quick and easy to edit slow motion videos. To trim a super slow motion video, open that video in the gallery, adjust the edges and tap on Crop. It’s important to trim your videos before sharing them. No one wants their audience to have a randomly timed start.

One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 10
One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 11

You can also add music from the built-in library and apply your preferred filters.

One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 12
One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 13

Another important thing to keep in mind is to shoot in a bright, well-lit area. It also doesn’t hurt to have a mini tripod (like the JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand) to prop you up for steady videos.

4. Gives Shapes bokeh

Usually, creating custom bokeh shapes on DSLR cameras requires a lot of work, thanks to all the lens manipulation. But OnePlus makes it easy for you by offering a great array of bokeh shapes. This feature shapes the backlight through software processing and helps to give the photo a unique look.

One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 14

Make sure there is plenty of background light (fairy lights, streetlights, or reflections) when taking the photo. To enable bokeh shapes, switch to Portrait mode and tap the Shapes icon.

One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 783

Choose a shape, click your photo and voila! This is perfect for Christmas pictures, right?

Pro Tip

5. Use Google Lens to Copy Text Directly

Thanks to Android Pie, Google Lens can now be used directly in the OnePlus 6T camera app. It comes with a ton of useful features. You can identify objects as well as books and animals. The feature I find most useful is that it can copy text from images.

Screenshot 20181102 160940
Screenshot 20181102 160955

Activate the Lens feature via the icon on the bottom label and point the camera. The camera will recognize the items by itself. If you want to copy the text snippets, touch the defined section and select Copy. The same applies to the translation of texts. Moreover, if you are going to search the internet for a product, tap the option below.

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6. Let the Smile Talk

Want your phone to take a photo just as you smile? Say hello to Smile Capture, which triggers the shutter the moment it detects a smile.

Screenshot 20181102 161011


7. Start Pro Mode

Contrary to popular opinion, mastering Pro Mode is not difficult. When you do this, you’ll be amazed at the results, especially in low-light photos and long exposure shots. Perhaps the best thing about the OnePlus 6T camera is that you can save frequently used presets.

One Plus 6 T Camera Tips and Tricks 89

All you have to do is go to the Pro settings, make the necessary changes to ISO and Shutter Speed ​​and tap the C icon in the top left corner. Select C1 and press save. You can also save an additional preset.

8. Get Some Additional Filters

OnePlus 6T does not support photo filters like its predecessors. That means we have to enlist the help of a photo editor. Two of the best apps for this purpose are Snapseed and VSCO. While VSCO has a few paid filters, Snapseed is free and you can try many filters like Black and White and Fade.

You can also give your photos a unique look with the Grainy Film or Vignette tool.

Capture Great Moments

Of course, there is a lot in common between the OnePlus 6 and the new OnePlus 6T, such as the option to separate the focus point from the exposure point in pro mode, or the option to save RAW images. However, the OnePlus 6T includes a host of new features and together with the new algorithm it makes mobile photography seem like a breeze and hassle-free.

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