iPhone 6 and Android smartphones: comparison of screen borders

the fact that there is a future iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen It offers a new point of comparison with Android flagships: dimensions as we’ve seen before.

However, since dimensions are not the only factor that defines a device’s design, Phonearena site decided to take the smartphone comparison a little further. iPhone 6 screen ratio/size and that of the main Android smartphones in the market.

Until the LG G2 arrives, smartphone screen size ratio and the overall dimensions of the device were hardly a factor that anyone cared about. Since then, this argument has been increasingly put forward by manufacturers, especially LG, which now expresses it as a percentage when releasing a new device.

A percentage that allows you to define how much space is used by screen space and how much surface is “wasted” by bezels and other tactile or physical buttons. In this case, the ratio between the screen sizes of the iPhone 6 is calculated from different models of the device that we saw leaked to the internet.

Therefore, the result is not exact, but as close as possible to the truth, ie 65.8%. Percentage derived from estimation of screen area and phone area.

Once this postulate has been formed, the most interesting thing is, of course, Compare its rate with that of the competitionWhat Phonarena is trying to do is compare the iPhone 6’s size-to-screen ratio with that of 12 Android smartphones.

    iPhone 6 and Android smartphones

Not surprisingly, if the Sharp Aquos Cristal arrives, in the first placeIt is closely followed by the LG G3, whose screen covers 76.33% of the phone’s total surface. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S5 are ranked sixth and seventh, respectively, due to the prominence of the brand’s own home button, while the iPhone 6 is in eleventh place.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S

Therefore, it does better than before, iphone 5s who comes last however, it lags far behind the current competition. Is the screen-to-size ratio of a smartphone an important factor for you?


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