Galaxy Note 7 VS iPhone 7: Apple blows Korean in this new speed test

In the smartphone industry, the end of the year is more surprising than expected: when Samsung should have buryed everyone with the Galaxy Note 7, it ended up with a battery failure that cost it dearly.

It has to be said that we could understand if the Korean manufacturer had tried to choke the iPhone 7 by its throat before it was released. It must be said that it is the competitor to be destroyed in the smartphone market, because it still benefits from a brand image that is impossible to remove from the collective unconscious.

However, in the matter of material, what gives the duel between the lastborn of the Korean and that of the Americans? phone enthusiast In a speed test that mimics everyday tasks and the contribution of multitasking, he once again made a video comparison of the speed of each of them.

There are no pictures in this test: the Galaxy Note 7 and its 4GB of RAM were blown up by the iPhone 7 with only 2GB of RAM. The second is successful 2 full turns Even before Samsung could first finish the device.

It must be said that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus still have an unbeatable argument against Android: optimizing apps for a single platform that only requires its developers to adapt to only a handful of different devices. .

But Samsung is not completely defeated: in the field of photography, the S7 and Note 7 are still unrivaled. Suffice it to say that this eerie duel is not over yet.

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